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Who Is Connor Saeli, Who Wrote Notes for Hannah on 'The Bachelorette'?

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Spoilers for The Bachelorette and potential spoilers for Bachelor in Paradise.

Hannah Brown has some really cute bachelors to balance out her nutty, crazy Bachelorette season, and one of those seems to be Connor Saeli, the tall gentleman who bonded early with Hannah via Post-It notes, and made it to the top nine. We already know a bit more about Connor and where he ends up, thanks to some early spoilers, so here's what's in store for one of Hannah's fan favorites.

He's from the South.

Like so many of Hannah's men, Connor is from south of the Mason-Dixon line, in his case from Dallas, Texas. And he's also an athlete, per his bio: Apparently he used to swim competitively in college.

He loves his outdoor sports.

Also, according to his bio, he's a travel "junkie:"

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Uncharted territory #dropin #sendit

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Drive for show, putt for dough #sent 🏌🏼

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And he apparently also flies, which is very cool (and something he has in common with Pilot Peter on the show!).

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Fly an airplane ✅✈️

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He's super tall.

Like, needing to bring a stool out for Hannah tall. Like, 6'6".

Fans dig it (and him):

He works at Goldman Sachs.

According to LinkedIn, he's in the Special Situations Group (SSG) doing "Principal investing and lending directly to middle market companies." It looks like his first full-time job out of school after graduating from Southern Methodist University.

He left little notes for Hannah when she was sick.

So you may recognize Connor (aside from his fence jump in night one when he introduced himself to Hannah) from his one-on-one time. Hannah was feeling so unwell that she went to the hospital. He went and took care of her for a bit, then he left Post-Its everywhere of things he loved about her. Hannah was thrilled when she went around and read each of them.

They ended up having a really cute date after she rallied later in the day, and Connor ended up getting the rose:

He also gives good face when he's weirded out (lol):

The reason why he leaves the show is mysterious.

According to Reality Steve, "At some point during this [week's] episode, Connor Saeli was eliminated before ever getting a date. Wasn’t told why, but he definitely never had a 1-on-1 and wasn’t part of the group date." So...that's a bit odd, considering how he and Hannah seemed like they were getting along up until this point. I hope it's not Luke-related, as has been the case for at least one bachelor this season?

Presumably the mystery will be solved in tonight's episode, or they might just go the way of Tyler G. and kind of gloss over the situation.

And apparently he's a candidate for Bachelor in Paradise.

Nothing official, but Reality Steve had him on an initial list, so stay tuned. He just posted a photo from Quintana Roo in Mexico...so he's definitely in the same country:

And he's got the right look, because fans think he twins with Blake Horstmann, who is confirmed to be on the show:

Oh I totally see it now.

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