Who Is Serena Pitt From Matt James' Season of 'The Bachelor'?

For starters: She's not related to Brad.

This season on The Bachelor, there are a handful of women who have been cultivating meaningful relationships with James in a more low-key way so far—but, according to Reality Steve, will see these efforts pay off in a big way later on in the season. Among this group is Serena Pitt, who you may remember as the one who stepped out of the limo with a step stool in hand so she could see eye-to-eye with James. Here's everything we know so far about Pitt, who will likely go pretty far this season, if Reality Steve's intel is to be believed.

She's a Canadian, eh?

Pitt hails from Toronto, where she works as a fashion and beauty publicist. According to her LinkedIn, her latest professional gig is an internship with the Toronto-based MacIntyre Communications firm. In 2020, she completed a certificate program in sport and event marketing at Toronto's George Brown College, a year after graduating with her bachelor's degree in communications and business management from Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, Ontario. During her time in college, Pitt specialized in digital and cultural theory and minored in psychology and, outside of class, was a member of WLU's competitive dance team.

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She's wise beyond her years.

At 22, Pitt is one of the youngest contestants remaining on this season of The Bachelor, second only to 21-year-old Kit Keenan. But age is just a number to Pitt, whose official ABC bio leads with her belief that, when it comes to love, "no matter what your age is, when you know, you know."

She's also extremely logic-minded and practical: A major goal in Pitt's life is to learn how to change a tire, and her dream pet is a chicken, since it would be not just a pet, but also a source of fresh eggs. Ladies and gentlemen, we've got a thinker over here!

She's a huge foodie.

Pitt may have held off on pursuing true love until now, but she already understands something very important about ensuring longevity in a relationship. As she said in her show bio of a potential partner, "If they don't let me taste their food, I don't know if the relationship could survive." Have truer words ever been spoken? She also claims to be perpetually hangry and, remember, is only in the market for a pet that can do double duty as a food source—all of which easily qualifies her as something of a down-to-earth, endlessly practical foodie.

Further evidence can be found on Pitt's Instagram, which is filled with plenty of shots of delicious-looking snacks and drinks, including my personal favorite, this absolutely stunning charcuterie board:

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She has instant (and lasting) chemistry with James.

Spoiler warning! According to Reality Steve, Pitt is one of the final four women who snag hometown dates with James, which makes plenty of sense. Pitt got two one-on-one dates, not to mention that she James had one of the cutest and most natural-looking fake wedding photos of episode two's bizarre group date.

There's also the fact that even Chris Harrison has hinted at the undeniable connection between Pitt and James. In a video introducing the contestants before this season of The Bachelor premiered, the show's host said of the pair, "It is evident from the moment that she steps out of the limo, they just have this chemistry. They have this thing."

We do know, per Reality Steve, that Pitt ends up in the sweet spot between hometown contestants (a.k.a. the ones the lead is super-serious about) and the final two (a.k.a. the girls who aren't likely to become the next Bachelorette due to timing issues). Michelle and Rachael are the final two contestants, while Bri Springs and Pitt are sent home before the finale—which means Pitt is well-placed to become the next Bachelorette, or at least be considered for the role.

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