16 Signs You're the Worst Roommate Ever

Your roommate may or may not refer to you as the spawn of satan.

1. You have sex with the door open. While you're roommate's in the living room. #truestory

2. Your idea of "cleaning up" is putting the cap back on the orange juice. What about the dishes? And that leftover tuna fish salad you left on the counter?

3. You drink straight from the Brita and then bring the whole pitcher with you to your room. Water is for EVERYONE!

4. You move your boyfriend in without talking to your roommate first. And he smells bad.

5. You take all your roommate's fancy candles and light them while she's out. Those babies cost like 10 bucks a minute.

6. You steal her clothes without asking. Once she found her favorite shirt hanging out the window... soaking wet.

7. You always eat your roommate's leftovers. She's literally been thinking about those dumplings all day.

8. You just a bought a new pair of shoes but can't make rent. Not cool.

9. You won't ever buy toilet paper. Or dish soap. Or paper towels.

10. You got caught smearing a large handful of your roommate's eye cream all over your face and body. That sh*t costs more than your entire wardrobe combined.

11. You host huge ragers while she's sick in bed. No drunk guy who just stumbled into her room, she doesn't want a shot.

12. You press the snooze button six times every morning. And she can hear every terrible second of it.

13. You never remove the wad of gross wet hair from the shower drain.

14. You hog the bathroom morning, noon, and night. GET. OUT.

15. You leave passive aggressive notes all around the apartment. She knows that yogurt is yours and that you "really want to eat it in between pilates and Real Housewives." She never planned on eating your yogurt.

16. You've never taken out the trash. EVER.