The 20 Most Binge-Worthy TV Series of the 2000s

Are you ready for a binge-a-thon? After hundreds of hours of research (our job is hard, we know), Marie Claire created the ultimate list of binge-worthy aughts shows. Grab your remote, laptop, tablet, or phone and get ready to get wrapped up in these series. Let us know your favorites in the comments.

1. Lost. On an island like this one, anything (and we mean anything) can happen.

2. Breaking Bad. Who knew crystal meth could be so addictive?

3. Scandal. Olivia Pope is the ultimate power woman, and the political drama just adds more intrigue.

4. Arrested Development. Forever thankful that Netflix resurrected this show from cancellation.

5. Enlightened. For every near-breakdown you've had, Englightened will make you feel that much better.

6. Parks & Recreation. Watch one episode and you'll want Leslie Knope as your BFF, guaranteed.

7. The Sopranos. You've never cared about the mob so much.

8. The Wire. Critics were obsessed with this crime drama.

9. The Office. Suddenly your co-workers seem a lot more mundane. (Where is the Jim to my Pam?!)

10. Friday Night Lights. Tim Riggins + Texas + adrenaline pumping high school sports = everything.

11. 24. Why isn't there a real life Jack Bauer, though?

12. Grey's Anatomy. There's a million reasons to tune into this long-running hospital drama, but we'll give you two: McDreamy and McSteamy.

13. Orange Is The New Black. One episode is all it takes to be utterly hooked on the tales of Chapman, Red, Boo, Taystee, Crazy Eyes and co.

14. House of Cards. Questioning our decision not to go into politics.

15. Mad Men. Jon Hamm combined with killer writing and 1960s style? It just doesn't get better.

16. Six Feet Under. This show brings a whole new meaning to life after death.

17. The Walking Dead. The riveting aftermath of a zombie apocolypse—seriously.

18. Pretty Little Liars. It doesn't matter that it's technically a show for teens—it's that edge-of-your-seat gripping.

19. Game of ThronesYou think that GoT has dealt out the worst and then the Red Wedding happens.

20. Veronica MarsThere's a reason fans crowd-funded nearly six million dollars to bring this series to the big screen.