Why Mondays Really Are the Worst

Finally! Some solid proof that your personal distaste for Mondays are bigger than just you.

Woman in bathroom
(Image credit: Marie Claire)

No, it's not just you: A new study has revealed days, times, and occasions when U.S. women feel their least attractive, and shocker, that day is Monday. In fact, almost half of all women — 46-percent, in fact — responded saying that they're least thrilled to look in the mirror on Mondays. This percentage comes from women of all age groups (starting 18+) and geographies (urban, suburban, and rural), all of whom reported similar statistics. Hm.

And it appears to be more than that traditional bias against the start of the work-week. According to the study, a number of women also "mentioned the visible and emotional effects of weekend social activities on their faces." Not surprisingly, Sunday has taken the second spot on the aforementioned "ugly day" index coming in at 39-percent.

Women's best day? Thursdays, with the end of the work-week and time to themselves in near site. Might we suggest your next date night to occur on a Thursday?