The 13 Stages of Emotional Torture When You Leave Your Phone at Home

It's like Instagram is a faint, distant memory.

1. You couldn't feel more pulled together in a new pair of cropped black tuxedo pants, a white tee, and that blazer you just bought. You're actually having a good hair day, too. Ready for work.

2. You pull up in the parking lot, grab your bag, your lunch, and your phone… but it's NOT there.

3. Panic sets in. You start plucking everything out of your bag and onto your seat (ew! Your lip balm exploded) hoping that your phone worked its way to the bottom of your purse.

4. It's. Not. There. You realize that your main form of communication is at home for the ENTIRE DAY.

5. How are you going to make it through 8 hours in a cubicle without it?

6. And, how will you know all the professional accomplishments of your humble-bragging friends if you secretly can't check Instagram during prime hours?

7. And, what if that guy you went out with two nights ago tries to text you today and you're not around to answer?

8. You head to your desk feeling a bit empty inside until you sit at your computer and realize that GChat and email is your savior.

9. You count down the minutes on the clock until you can jump in your car and head home to your one true love.

10. Reunited! Surprise, surprise—you have a new text message from First Date Guy

11. Since you weren't able to respond to his "Hey" text message from this morning, he sent you five more including an ask for date #2

12. Now who looks like the cool, confident one?

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