9 Moments That Made Us Fall in Love With SATC

From the premiere 16 years ago, it was love.

1. When Carrie got splashed by a bus with her own face on it wearing a tutu (opening credits)

We knew we were going to experience something we've never seen before and be totally hooked. And, we couldn't help but wonder, 'Where can we buy a tutu?'

2. Carrie introduced us to the age of uninnocence (AKA Dating in NYC during the '90s) (3:15)

"No one has Breakfast at Tiffany's, and no one has Affairs to Remember. Instead we have breakfast at 7 a.m. and affairs we try to forget as quickly as possible."

3. When Carrie first mentioned Manolos (3:45)

The start of Sex and the City's most famed love affair.

4. When we first met Miranda and she reminded us that we should never have to settle (5:41)

Preach, Miranda.

5. When Charlotte mentions dildo over dinner (6:51)

Because sex talk with your girls over cake is the best night ever.

6. Samantha poingently points out that this is the first time in Manhattan history that women have as much power and money as men. (7:18)

Except that it's only 77 cents for every man's dollar.

7. We're introduced to Stanford Blatch's blunt insight. (8:40)

Stanford, we miss you and your life advice.

8. When We Met Samantha

Samantha Jones had us at "If you're a successful single woman in this city, you have two choices: You can bang your head against a wall and try and find a relationship, or, you can say 'screw it', and have sex like a man." A New York inspiration, indeed.

9. When Carrie Met Big by bumping into him and dropping her bag full of condoms all over an NYC sidewalk.

And we all became hopelessly invested.

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