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The 16 Best Gadget Gifts for the Tech-Obsessed Person in Your Life

Read: the one who has no emotional attachment to paperback books (I see you).

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When she and her electronics always seem to be fully charged (yes, I went there), it's a no-brainer which direction to take in the gifting department. Whether you're fueling an Instagram addiction with a new selfie light or keeping her on her toes fingers with touchscreen gloves, give your loved one the best in tech. The tech obsessive in your life will be obsessed with these electronic-inspired gifts, ahead, guaranteed.

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Long Distance Lamps

UncommonGoods, $170


If you're in a long distance relationship (or friendship), connect these top-rated lamps to WiFi in their respective locations, hover your hand over one of them, and both will emit an ambient glow. It's a sweet way to let the other person know you're thinking of them no matter how many miles away they are.

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A New PopSocket

PopSockets, $30


Swap her two-year-old PopSocket with this chic marble one that looks good on any phone.

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A Google Home Mini

Google, $29


"Okay, Google, play the best songs of 2018." This Google Home Mini—also available in chalk, charcoal, and coral—has incredible capabilities, from playing your favorite music to answering phone calls to turning on the lights.

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A Wireless Dock Charger

Native Union, $80


The solution to being attached to your phone but not wanting a cord stretched across your bed? This minimalist phone dock, which will blend in perfectly on a nightstand.

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A Crossbody Phone Case

Nordstrom, $88


Have her go hands-free at the bar and concerts with this cute crossbody phone case so she can easily capture that #content.

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An Eclipse Charger

Pottery Barn, $76


Organize your workspace with this eclipse charger that comes with multiple USB ports to plug in all of your tech—including your phone, laptop, and Kindle. It lights up at night, too, so you can easily spot it in the dark.

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More Selfies, Please

QIAYA, $11


Pop two AAA batteries into this selfie ring light, and suddenly everyone becomes Kim Kardashian. It's compact enough to fit in a purse or suitcase, and it quite literally does magic to your photos.

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A Fitness Tracker

Fitbit, $129


A Fitbit is the perfect gift for anybody who even somewhat cares about their daily steps and nutritional intake—even if she doesn't plan to leave the couch all winter.

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Touchscreen Leather Gloves

Canada Goose, $150


At least she'll have the choice not to text and freeze when she slips on these leather gloves with built-in touch-sensitive technology.

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A Smart Water Bottle

Hidrate, $45


Hidrate's app will help you track your water intake throughout the day, send you cheeky reminders to hydrate, and notify the bottle to light up when you need to take another sip to meet your daily water goal.

MarieClaire.com used the very advanced water bottle for a week to see how our skin looked after drinking a gallon of water every day. Put simply: It's a godsend.

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The Latest Apple Watch

Apple, $429


The new Apple Watch Series 4 is built with its biggest interface yet, and includes I-can't-believe-this-exists features like cadence and pace alerts, complete access to music, calls, and text messages on your phone, and personalized coaching.

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A Party Speaker

Sony, $148


Get yourself a speaker that has an incredible base and a built-in strobe light. Sony's portable speaker is perfect for the person in your life who always hosts the pregames.

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A Waterproof Kindle

Amazon, $100


Amazon's brand new Kindle Paperwhite is its thinnest and most lightweight yet. The best part? It's waterproof. Never worry about reading near the beach or pool again.

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Underrated Polaroid Film

Polaroid, $15


If she already owns a Polaroid, help her save money by buying her photo paper like this one or Instax film. That way, you can take as many pictures together as you want without feeling bad about wasting the sheets.

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A Sleek, Functional Tote

Everlane, $235


Behold: the perfect transportable tote to fit all of her tech—including the work laptop she has to schlep to and from the office everyday.

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Colorful Wireless Headphones

Beats, $134


The next time she complains about her broken headphones, hand her these wireless Beats that will also safely prevent hat hair.


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