85 Celebrities in Gloriously '80s Fashion

Take a trip down memory lane.

67 Celebrities in Gloriously '80s Fashion
(Image credit: Tim Graham)

While the '80s are known for many things—the movies! (opens in new tab) The models! (opens in new tab)—in our opinion, the '80s were genuinely all about the fashion. From Cher’s daring dresses to Madonna’s Like A Virgin-era getups, the decade was undisputedly a time to be alive when it came to the clothes. The outfits were big. They were bold. They were covered in sequins. And it didn’t stop there: the penchant for larger-than-life hair during that decade proved that pretty much all of the beauty trends that are currently going viral on TikTok and Instagram originated well before the internet ever existed. So, excuse me as I take a brief trip down memory and reminisce about all of the best (and most over-the-top) looks from the decade.