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52 Celebrities in Gloriously '80s Fashion

Take a trip down memory lane.

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Ah, the '80s. A magical time when the size of one's blazer could be bested only by the volume of one's hair. (See: Brooke Shields, Julia Roberts, et al.) Celebrity fashion during this decade was frankly glorious—the scrunchies! the boxy blazers!—even serving as inspiration for an '80s trends revival in recent fashion seasons. If you're looking for a refresher on the most magical aspects of '80s fashion, we dug up some of the most on-trend celebrity looks of the decade. Take a trip down memory lane with us!

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Annie Lennox circa 1987

The singer looked like the ultimate badass in a studded leather set with a red lace bra while performing on stage.

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55th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals
Barry KingGetty Images
Jessica Lange circa 1983

The actress arrived to the 55th annual Academy Awards in an embellished green dress. She looked radiant in front of the cameras.

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Actress Meryl Streep riding in a NYC subway train.
Ted Thai
Meryl Streep circa 1981

The actress, then 32, took a subway ride in NYC while wearing a floral print off-the-shoulder dress.

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Celine Dion In Montreal, Canada In May 1987-
Celine Dion circa 1987

The singer went all out in a denim-on-denim look while in Montreal. Here's a style tip to think about: lace socks with loafers or flats.

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Princess Yasmin Khan hosted a celebrity SKi invitational for the benefit of Alzheimer's Disease
Ron Galella, Ltd.Getty Images
Kim Cattrall circa 1988

Kim Cattrall attended a benefit event hosted by Princess Yasmin Khan in a black dress with floral ruffles. This was 10 years before Cattrall would become the iconic Samantha on Sex and the City.

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Opening of the American Ballet Theater & Gala Party
Ron GalellaGetty Images
Goldie Hawn circa 1984

Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn dressed up for a gala event hosted by the American Ballet Theater in California. Hawn's feathered frock was classic, beautiful, and appropriately glamorous for the occasion.

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Geena Davis circa 1989

Two years before starring in Thelma & Louise, Davis got on stage at the 61st Annual Academy Awards to accept an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress in "The Accidental Tourist." She wore a silver dress with a tulle train.

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40th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards - Arrivals
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Kirstie Alley circa 1988

The actress wore a long-sleeve red dress with satin-like fabric hanging from the sides of her gown. She was attending the 40th primetime Emmy Awards in Pasadena, California.

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Lea Thompson circa 1986

Forget the red carpet dress. Thompson chose an oversize purple satin (silk?) tuxedo set for the premiere of "That's Life" in West Hollywood. We wonder if she saved this look for her daughters Zoey and Madelyn Deutch?

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"Staying Alive" Hollywood Premiere
Ron GalellaGetty Images
Brooke Shields circa 1983

The bralette under a blazer is trending for 2020, but back in 1983 Brooke Shields was already rocking, and mastering, this look. Here, she attended the premiere of Stayin Alive on July 11 at Mann Chinese Theater in Hollywood, California.

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Jane Fonda
KyprosGetty Images
Jane Fonda circa 1985

Can we talk about Jane Fonda's lace-up red boots? Ten out of 10 we would still wear these today.

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Vanessa Williams In Fur Coat
Tom GatesGetty Images
Vanessa Williams circa 1983

Then the newly crowned Miss America, Vanessa Williams was all smiles at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. She bundled up in a furry coat that looked luxuriously soft.

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Diana Ross Performing
Lester CohenGetty Images
Diana Ross, 1984

The singer performed onstage in a glittering red sequin dress. This look would still be relevant on the red carpet today. Gal Gadot wore a similar version of this red gown to the Oscar's after-party in 2018.

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13th Annual People's Choice Awards
Ron GalellaGetty Images
Heather Locklear circa 1987

The actress wore a semi-sheer lace dress to an event in Santa Monica, California. We could totally see this look being reworked for today, if you take away all the excess ruffles.

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Whitney Houston circa 1986

The singer stunned in a glittery plunging-neckline blue gown while on stage at a concert. It was a timeless look that still feels relevant today.

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Christina Applegate circa 1989

The star looked demure in a floral headscarf and matching dress at the MTV Video Music Awards in California. We dig the outfit.

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Alyssa Milano circa 1987

Milano, who was 15 years old in this photo, attended an all-star baseball game dressed in sporty striped biker shorts and a red bodysuit. She was ahead of the trend—biker shorts are everywhere now.

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Jennifer Beals circa 1987

Stars were into the loose and oversized ensembles of the '80s. Here's Beals in a long white shirt, jacket, and jeans. She could have done without the belt, though.

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Susan Sarandon circa 1989

Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins attended a pro-choice rally in Washington D.C. Sarandon leaned into the oversize blazer look with this red leather version.

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Audrey Hepburn circa 1989

Heburn, a member of Hollywood royalty, proved why she will always be a style icon when she wore this red gown and feather boa to an event. Being 60 never looked so good.

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Meg Ryan circa 1989

The actress looked cool and edgy in a leather jacket at the Los Angeles premiere of Great Balls of Fire! Dennis Quaid should have matched her.

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Blythe Danner & Gwyneth Paltrow circa 1985

The actress wore an embellished dress while out at Studio 54 with her daughter Gwyneth Paltrow, who was then 13 years old (rocking a prairie dress, we might add). You can definitely find similar looks today in a vintage shop.

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<p>That feeling when your shirt, massively oversized blazer,&nbsp;hair, and <em data-redactor-tag="em" data-verified="redactor">pocket square</em> (?!?!?) are all the same color of.... Actually, we have no idea what any of these colors are, never mind.</p>
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Julia Roberts circa 1989

That feeling when your shirt, massively oversized blazer, hair, and pocket square (?!?!?) all coordinate. Roberts still kills it in suits.

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<p>Totally normal-sized hat paired with equally normal-sized sunglasses, nothing to see here.</p>
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Lisa Bonet circa 1988

Totally normal-sized hat paired with equally normal-sized sunglasses, nothing to see here. Also, she and daughter Zoë Kravitz are literal twins.

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<p>To be honest, this look is pretty current. Sitting on a chair backwards, however, is the most dated thing ever.</p>
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Drew Barrymore circa 1989

To be honest, this look is pretty current. Sitting on a chair backwards, however, is the most dated thing ever. We love you Drew.

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A lot has changed since 1983, but this look? It exists beyond the confines of time.
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Nicole Kidman circa 1983

A lot has changed since 1983 (especially Kidman's hair), but this look? It exists beyond the confines of time.

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Apparently gladiator sandals also had a moment in the '80s. Like its moment in the aughts, we'll choose to block it out forever. 
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Tina Turner circa 1988

Apparently gladiator sandals also had a moment in the '80s. We're feeling it though.

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Ways to Style a White Turtleneck, Volume VIII. 
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Brooke Shields circa 1982

Ways to Style a White Turtleneck, Volume VIII. Also, teach us your voluminous hair tricks Brooke.

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Sarah Jessica Parker circa 1989

Here, SJP is pictured at a "Mobilize for Women's Lives" pro-choice rally in LA. Her '80s look is the wonderfully classic pearl necklace and oversized white button-up, but it's the side-pony that makes it.

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Paula Abdul 1987
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Paula Abdul circa 1987

The hair, the sequins, the big clasp details! This would be a good Halloween outfit to recreate.

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