The 'Behind Her Eyes' Cast: Your Complete Guide

At least we can solve one of the show's mysteries!

behind her eyes netflix cast
(Image credit: Netflix)

At this point, prestige TV has gotten the entire psychological thriller genre down to a science. The latest example of this expertise in weaving confusingly twisty, supremely disturbing stories is Behind Her Eyes, Netflix's adaptation of the bestselling 2017 novel by Sarah Pinborough. The limited series explores the increasingly tangly love triangle between married couple David and Adele and David's assistant Louise, which builds up across the six 50ish-minute episodes to a finale so jaw-dropping that it launched the hashtag #WTFThatEnding shortly after the book was released in 2017—and which will almost certainly start trending once again as the world starts zooming through the TV adaptation. Amid this plethora of mind-boggling mysteries is likely the nagging feeling that you've definitely seen the people on your screen before. Thankfully, that's one mystery we can solve, with no spoilers necessary: Here's your guide to the cast of Behind Her Eyes.

Andrea Park

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