15 Things We Shouldn't Do Now That We're Adults but We Totally Still Do


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Adulthood. Apparently, this is a time when we're supposed to be on top of our game—we have experience, confidence, and the know-how to tackle situations and just get shit done. But no one tells you that you never truly *feel* like a grown-up—and sometimes, you don't really act it, either.

I mean, what's a girl to do when she's hit that awkward stage where half of her friends are having kids and the other half are too drunk to find their phones?

Here, a look at the things we're not "supposed" to do now that we're real people, but that we do. We all do. *Shrugs*

Realize you haven't washed your favorite shirt/pants/jeans in a crazy long time...and still wear them anyway.

Just spray some Febreeze on that ish and call it a day.

Order takeout when your fridge is full of food.

Unpacking groceries is just so hard and now you want me to cook?!

Stay on your parents' cell phone bill.

The family plan is cheaper for them anyway! I'm doing them a favor.

Eat cereal, candy, and/or ice cream for dinner.


Still hit up the stores you shopped at in high school.

What? They have really cute tops, okay?

Wash that one mug you like your coffee in, even when your sink is full of dishes.

You'll get to them. *Balances another cereal bowl on top of the dirty dishes*

Go on a shopping spree like you have the money and you need more clothes.

Credit card statement be damned!

Text people instead of calling them back.

It's just...easier this way.

Make really bad decisions when it comes to drinking.

"I'm going to be classy and fabulous and enjoy this one delicious drink at this new swanky cocktail bar!" You the next morning with a hangover and a $139 receipt stuffed in the bottom of your bag: "I hate myself."

Fangirl over celebrities.

Irrationally loving people you've never met is just too hard to give up.

Wait until the last minute for…well, everything.

You had really good intentions when you bought that planner and upgraded your iCal, but ugh, life.

Still find it weird when people refer to you as "ma'am."

Actually, could you not?

Watch the Disney Channel and know everything related to [insert 15-year-old star here].

Hey, it could be a question on Jeopardy. (Also that theme song is really catchy, so how about we just all calm down.)

Feel butterflies when your high school crush Likes something you posted on Facebook.

Crushes should have an expiration date—this shit is exhausting and that receding hairline is not cute.

Still just really like glitter.

That Bath and Body Works roll-on ruined us.

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