This Year's Best April Fools' Pranks

The Internet got you—BAD.
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Like freaking clockwork, it's that time of year again when the inner pranksters of the world crawl out of hibernation and terrorize unsuspecting victims with childish antics resemblant of Ashton Kutcher's Punk'd days—yessss.

This is about the only day when it's actually appropriate to sit at your desk and annoy your cube mates with lame-ass jokes and watch can't-stop-laughing-omg videos at your computers. Right now, we're on our death beds cracking up at the ridiculousness only April Fools' Day can bring. God bless the Internet. And good sports.

1. #SelfieShoes

In our defense, this was actually believable because the selfie stick is literally everywhere, and some genius* created the selfie brush. So obviously, the next step (ha) in selfie evolution was the "invention" of the selfie shoe:

"The great thing is about the selfie shoe is that you no longer need to use your arm, so now both hands are free to be in the photo." Valid.

2. John Green's "Next" Book Cover

Damn you, Aussies, for getting our hopes up. The Penguin Random House Company's Australian branch tweeted a fake cover of The Fault in Our Stars' author's upcoming project. Naturally, followers went ballistic until they discovered it was all a hoax—then all hell broke loose. Not really, but YA tweens are diehards for their favorite novels, so one can only imagine the worst.

FYI, Green has a great sense of humor:

3. Sam Smith Came Straight

But not really:

4. Kanye West Proved He Had a Soul

That lasted all of two seconds:

5. Yahoo UK Fabricated the Greatest Family Story Ever

The baby isn't born yet, so there's still time for Beyoncé and Jay Z. Just sayin'.

6. Selfie Vests for Dogs


7. Google Maps Transformed into Pac-Man

Google Maps

We fail to see the hilarity of this—but goodbye, work! Hello, unemployment.

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