Anna Kendrick Refuses to Strike a Sexy Pose on the 'Pitch Perfect 2' Poster, Sparks a Revolution

Like a boss.
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It's almost time! Pitch Perfect 2 is coming to theaters on May 15, and the promotional posters featuring Anna Kendrick AKA Beca Mitchell in a #boss pose have already started a frenzy.

Pitch Perfect 2

With her arms crossed and a "mess with me and die" face, Kendrick started an Instagram revolution after seeing photos of girls mimicking the pose. The actress put together two, posted it to Instagram, and the results speak for themselves.

But that's not the most amazing thing about this story. Apparently, the studio wasn't quite on board with the stance. As Kendrick pointed out in her second posting: "They were sweating because I wouldn't strike a sexy pose. Love that you guys embrace Beca the badass!"

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What we love even more is that Kendrick knows her character well enough to understand that she's not about sexy poses—Beca's a kickass singer with an attitude to boot.

Just one more reason Anna Kendrick is everyone's spirit animal.

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