Inside CannaCamp, America's First Marijuana Resort

You can now really relax on your next vacation.

It was only a matter of time: Once marijuana became legal in states like Colorado and Washington, the tourists were bound to flock there. And now you don't have to fly to Amsterdam to experience a weed-fueled vacation.


CannaCamp, a 170-acre ranch in Durango, Colorado, is about to become America's first cannabis resort. They're accepting reservations now for their first guests, who will arrive from July 1 to October 31. Legally, they can't give you the weed as soon as you get there, but they'll hook you up with a "concierge" who works with local dispensaries to get you special rates, and even private tours.


You can go hiking or mountain biking through the wilderness, or stay behind to take classes on cooking with marijuana, weed-fueled yoga sessions, or a very green version of your typical "wine and canvas" art sessions. You can even splurge on a massage using cannabis-infused lotions on your skin.

Gourmet chefs cook up daily "Wake and Bake Breakfasts" and "4:20 Happy Hours" with lots of snacks. (You know, in case you get the munchies.)


You can't smoke in your cabin for safety reasons, but you'll have acres and acres of spaces to light up, judgment-free. Rates star at $395 per person per night for a two-bedroom cabin, and there's a three-night minimum. Chill.

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