Megyn Kelly Accuses Kim Kardashian of Sending an Unhealthy Message to Young Girls


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Megyn Kelly has never shied away from saying what's on her mind, and apparently the Fox News anchor has a lot of feelings about Kim Kardashian. More specifically, feelings concerning the kind of message she's sending to young fans.

"You've marketed yourself brilliantly, and part of what you sell is sex appeal," she said to Kim via a Vanity Fair video. "Why is that a healthy message for young girls in America to learn that if they ooze enough sex appeal, and take enough pictures of themselves, and promote their appearance all the time—how is that a positive healthy message for them?"

The Kardashians have been at the forefront of cultural criticism since Kim's sex tape made headlines, but does she really have some sort of social obligation to be a good influence? It's unclear. Kim's target audience isn't teenagers, it's grown women who are capable of deciding whether or not they want to subscribe to her Instagram feed. Yeah, her entire pop culture presence is hinged on self-referential branding, but she seems to be playfully aware of this—as her book title, Selfish, suggests. 

Either way, Kanye West has yet to respond with a Megyn Kelly diss track. Give him time.

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Mehera Bonner
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