Watch This Exclusive Sneak Peek of the Stunning Costumes on Netflix's 'The Crown'

Royal threads at their finest. 💁

Queen Elizabeth portrayed as a young woman in 'The Crown'
(Image credit: Netflix)

The CrownNetflix's new show about the life of Queen Elizabeth, is reported to be their most expensive show to date ($156 million!!), so you should 100 percent expect an amazingly over-the-top wardrobe.

A young Queen Elizabeth tries on her crown in 'The Crown'

(Image credit: Netflix)

Case in point: The show's massive costume department could have relied on vintage items for Queen Elizabeth's circa 1940s and '50s clothes, but designer Michele Clapton chose to work with a team of over 50 people to painstakingly custom-make almost every piece—down to the shoes. The result? Hundreds of bespoke costumes, many of which are fitting for a literal queen.

"We see Elizabeth searching for a way to deal with her roles: Queen, wife, and mother," Clapton tells of the wardrobe's narrative needs. "She develops a uniform—the equivalent of a man's suit. Formal, without feminine details. An armor of sorts. I try to show her different roles by using different styles: the country tweeds, jodhpurs, and cardigans for home; the uniform for work; and the gowns, coats, and hats for formal. As we see her become more confident, a personal style starts to creep in."

Netflix gave a sneak peek at The Crown's gorgeous costumes in the clip below, and spoiler alert: Queen Elizabeth's wedding train took six weeks to embroider.

Watch here, and mark your calendar for the show's premiere on November 4:

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