The 6 Best Wedding-Planning Apps, Because Tearing Your Hair Out Over Centerpieces Just Isn't Worth It

Place settings, on the other hand...

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So you wanna get married. But you don't want to fork over your first child's college fund to have someone else worry about the seating arrangement and calculating how much Hendrick's it'll take to make your guests forget everything except how legendary your wedding was. Luckily, there's plenty of DIY assistance available online, where logistics and the exact shade of pink for the bridal party can all become possible with a few taps of your newly east-west-diamond-laden finger. And there's kind of a poetic circularness to it, too, for what (possibly) began with an app must end with an app. See seven of our recommendations below.

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It's like Evernote for lovers, on which you and your guests can keep track of everything in one place, from the party bus to the strip club (la classe) to RSVPs (no to everything but the strip club). Yeah, it'll be a horror show for anyone not so keen on being involved, but whatever—it's YOUR SHOW. (Plus they can just not download it, duh.)


All right there, Jack Bauer? If you're the type to think you can pull an all-nighter and deliver a ceremony the likes of which St. Patrick's Cathedral has never seen (not even you, sorry), this guy's countdown will light a fire under you—while you've still got time. Browse vendors, track your to-do list, manage your budget, and gripe chat with other couples on the forum.

The Knot

They are professionals who have a whole website about this flowery, Jordan almond-y stuff. Trust them.


Aside from passion and the desire for everybody to have a good time, weddings are powered by a strong, unified color scheme. This venture from *the* authority on shade (the other kind) will be like "no, honey," when you try to match puce and yellow, *and* it'll suggest a lovely ecru for your attendants so they don't end up cursing themselves for ever being college roommates with you.


Of the funny subway ads, this one focuses on the most important bit: the stuff other people buy you to prop-style your new life. Create and manage a registry, control shipping (whoa), and use the barcode scanner anywhere to add Waterford crystal and a set of Super Soaker Thunderstorms to your wish list.


It might trigger unpleasant memories of opening your exam scores online (full-body shudder), but weddings are fun, so it won't be too much of a burden to check your progress, especially not when the layout is so reasonable and the the tips the personified planner offers are so friendly.

Bonus: Domino's (Not an app—yet)

Seventy-nine orders of "Post-Honeymoon Adjustment to Real Life," please. (It's pizza, the best gift of all. After everlasting love. Or so they say.)

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