Watch the First (Super Dramatic) Trailer for 'The Crown' Season 2

Screaming with excitement.

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Please try not to flail around in excitement too intensely (just kidding, feel free to flail), but Netflix just released the trailer for The Crown's second season and holy crap it's good.

Season 2 will follow Queen Elizabeth II as usual, and will focus on the royal family's private and public lives from 1956–64—including the births of Prince Andrew and Edward. "We never really got to do the new-mother thing [in season 1]," Claire Foy tells Entertainment Weekly. "We just jumped a period of time, so you will see a bit of that,"

We'll also get appearances from JFK and Jackie O, who the Queen was low-key obsessed with. "Her focus is really on this dazzling woman—and not just because of her husband's flirting, but the whole attention on Jackie as a phenomenon," says director Stephen Daldry. "The Queen's beginning to feel the first aches and pains of middle age, and here is this woman who seems to have a huge role even within foreign policy."

The season drops December 8, as what we can only assume is an early holiday gift from the Netflix Powers That Be.

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