Holy Sh*t, The White Walker Army Formed the Stark Sigil at the Wall and No One Even Noticed

*Screams "Bran is the Night King" at random passerby*


You know how some Game of Thrones fans think Bran Stark is secretly the Night King because they:

A) Dress like twins.

And B) Are totally the same person due to a very elaborate theory that you can read all about here, but basically involves Bran traveling back in time, "warging" into the Night King to stop the Children of the Forest from creating White Walkers, failing, and getting trapped in the Night King's body.

Well, even more evidence has surfaced—specifically the fact that a Reddit genius noticed the White Walker army formed the profile of a wolf—which happens to be the Stark Sigil—while strolling past the wall.


For comparison, this is a flipped image of the actual sigil:


In the words of this eager fella:

Of course, this could just be GOT producers throwing a nice easter egg our way—but we prefer to think Bran is the Night King and his White Walkers are trolling everyone with their marching orders.

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