Ten Apps Every Woman Should Download

Here are 10 essential apps to make life for the young savvy woman a little bit easier.

Between late nights at work, yoga class on Tuesdays, those two birthdays this week, and that diet you're still trying to do, it's pretty hard for a woman on-the-go to keep up with life's demands. Thank goodness for the smartphone. Skype, calendars, and email apps do a pretty good job of keeping us aligned. However, there are still those moments when you find yourself asking, "Is there an app for that?" Well ladies, there is an app for that, and that. Just like a girl's got closet essentials, there are a couple of life-changing apps that every young savvy woman should have on her device. Here is a list of the 10 most necessary apps that you now must go download. Bonus: They're all cheap, or better yet, free.

iPhone Apps

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1. Near+Now

For those nights you feel like pulling out a pair of pumps and painting the town with the ladies, Near+Now lists all the cool clubs, bars and restaurants in your area.

2. Stylebook

Despite your closet full of clothes, sometimes you still don't know what to wear. Stylebook reminds you that you totally do. The virtual closet app allows you to manage everything from your favorite outfits to your sizes and style inspirations by taking pictures of your items and uploading them.

3. cab4me

It's 3 a.m., you're in that part of Brooklyn and you just want your pillow, but catching a cab has proven quite a feat. The taxi finder app cab4me uses your GPS location to find the nearest cab companies with available car types and payment methods. Talk about the quicker way home.

4. Find My iPhone

It's happened to all of us, and no matter how many times it happens, you still have a small panic attack everytime. Losing your phone can feel like losing an arm, even if it is stuck between the couch pillows. Find My iPhone eases that anxiety by allowing Apple users to sign on to an online account to get the GPS coordinates of your phone's location.

5. Textalyzer

Sometimes you have one too many cocktails. Sometimes you text your ex. Most times, you absolutely regret it the next morning. Textalyzer creates a "Don't Text" forbidden list that prevents you from texting anyone on the list unless you complete a series of puzzles and mind tests. If you fail, the app saves your text for 12 hours before you can hit send. The best friend you always wanted.

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6. Giiv

Sometimes it's difficult to get to the store to buy a friend a gift. With Giiv, you can send a redeemable in-store or online code for stores like Macy and Sephora as a gift via text message.

7. Evernote

The standard notepad that comes with your smartphone just doesn't cut it. Looking for an upgrade? Evernote is the super notepad that allows you to keep text, voice, and photo notes accessible from any desktop or device.

8. Circle of 6

When in a dangerous situation, it can be hard to whip out your smartphone, dial, wait for someone to pickup, and tell them what's wrong. With Circle of 6, you can alert your friends, family, and emergency services that you need help. The anti-violence app has you choose six people to add to your circle, and when you need help, it pings all six an alert message and gives them your GPS location.

9. Nike Training Club

There are a multitude of fitness apps on the market. However, Nike Training Club encompasses all your workout needs. The app features cardio, core, strength, balance, and flexibility exercises, workout videos, a training schedule, and even allows you to create your own workouts.

10. Pose

Want an app that combines Pinterest, Instagram, and fashion? Pose finds an addicting way to combine the three. This photo-sharing app asks you a series of questions to determine your style, then suggests other fashion-forward users for you to follow. You create "collections" where you save your favorite "poses," you or your follower's fashion looks. The posted items are shoppable and tagged with brand information.