What’s Going on With Brittany and Kenneth From ‘Love Is Blind’ Season 6?

A recent TikTok clip is casting doubts on their relationship status.

brittany and kenneth in love is blind season 6
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Things started off so well for Brittany Mills and Kenneth Gorham, who quickly bonded in the Love Is Blind pods over their backgrounds, values, and religion. But it all started to go downhill after they left the pods for a tropical getaway, and their issues ultimately snowballed into an avalanche once they returned to “real life” in North Carolina.

While their onscreen relationship took an abrupt mid-season turn, a TikTok that Brittany posted ahead of the season 6 reunion stirred up speculation that things weren’t quite finished between her and Kenneth. Hopefully, they’ll clear it all up at the reunion—so read on for the latest updates, plus a reminder of how it all began for the duo. 

Warning: Spoilers ahead for the sixth season of Love Is Blind.

What happened between Brittany and Kenneth on ‘Love Is Blind’ season 6?

Brittany and Kenneth were among the first couples to get engaged this season. They seemed like a natural pair and a great fit: They connected in the pods over both feeling like they’d had to grow up quickly and were mature beyond their years after losing a parent at a young age. They also shared a deep commitment to their religion and were both planning to wait to have sex until they were married. Plus, their career paths had some overlap: Kenneth is a middle school principal, and Brittany was formerly a teacher (though she’s now a senior client partner at a recruitment firm).

But being so perfectly aligned on so many things didn’t mean it was all smooth sailing for the pair. When they first arrived in the Dominican Republic for the post-pods vacation, Brittany and Kenneth were still in the honeymoon phase of their new relationship—full of ear-to-ear smiles and heartfelt promises to always check in about each other’s days before bed. Unfortunately, they soon began to drift apart, as evidenced by a painfully awkward scene in which they sat in silence on a boat ride, seemingly at a loss for things to say to one another.

Brittney, Kenneth in episode 605 of Love is Blind

Brittany and Kenneth arrive at their resort in the Dominican Republic on 'Love Is Blind' season 6.

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They hit another hurdle on the trip following a conversation between Kenneth and fellow contestant AD, who questioned how ready the couple was to face the challenges of interracial dating and whether Brittany, a white woman, was prepared for the responsibilities of raising half-Black children with Kenneth. Though Kenneth went on to bring up the topic in a candid conversation with Brittany, with both of them agreeing that they were, indeed, committed to putting the necessary work into their relationship, Kenneth expressed some apprehension about how Brittany fit into his normal life.

The pair also had trouble aligning on the physical side of their relationship. At one point on the vacation, Brittany questioned whether Kenneth was even attracted to her, since he never seemed to want to be touchy-feely, while he worried that he was “smothering” her with affection and that she wasn’t into it.

Once they got back to North Carolina, that misalignment continued, with an additional barrier between the couple: Kenneth’s phone, which he rarely seemed to look up from, even when Brittany was trying to talk to him or ask questions.

Kenneth and Brittney talk in bed in episode 605 of Love is Blind

Kenneth and Brittany chat before bed on 'Love Is Blind' season 2.

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Did Brittany and Kenneth make it to the altar?

Nope. They were the first of the engaged couples to call it off: Their breakup came in the season’s eighth episode, not long after they’d returned to Charlotte and moved in together. By that point, things had become rapidly more strained between them, as Kenneth seemed more focused on his phone than Brittany, and she felt her attraction to him dwindle as a result.

The breakup came one night during a conversation in which Brittany once again expressed her desire for physical touch from Kenneth, adding that she was worried she’d lost the “crave” she’d felt for him in the pods. Kenneth gave in pretty much immediately, suggesting that if the “crave” was gone for her—though he maintained that it was still there for him—there was no point in their staying together. All in all, it was a pretty anticlimactic split, with Kenneth calmly talking them through the end of their relationship while tears ran down the face of a seemingly stunned Brittany.

The conversation ended with a hug and with Kenneth immediately picking up his phone to call a friend and make his escape, while Brittany continued to silently cry in the kitchen.

two people (brittany and kenneth from 'love is blind' season 6) hug while standing in an apartment kitchen

Brittany and Kenneth hug for one last time (on camera, at least), during their breakup on 'Love Is Blind' season 6.

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In a joint interview with Entertainment Tonight after the episode aired, Kenneth said he hadn’t seen the split coming and had still been ready up to that point to marry Brittany. They also revealed that after taking some time apart, they'd been able to rekindle a friendship.

“We actually decided the night that we ended our intimate relationship that we would actually remain friends,” Brittany said. “Although we did drift apart, we learned so much. And I think I can speak for both of us, we’re so thankful for the process and how it went and how it was handled.”

Kenneth agreed, adding, “We’re still super close because we just have a larger understanding of who we are.”

What happened at the reunion?

A few days before the reunion episode aired, Brittany posted a video on TikTok featuring a surprise appearance by Kenneth, immediately sparking speculation that they’d gotten back together.

They cleared it all up at the reunion—where they sat onstage together in coordinating black outfits. Though they haven’t rekindled their romantic relationship, Brittany and Kenneth said they’ve formed a very strong friendship: “We speak nearly every day,” Brittany said, later adding, “The bond that we have is gonna last for an eternity, and I’m happy with that.”

chelsea, jimmy, brittany, and kenneth during the 'love is blind' season 6 reunion

Brittany and Kenneth sit next to Chelsea and Jimmy (left) during the 'Love is Blind' season 6 reunion.

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Kenneth also addressed the internet chatter over how unfazed he seemed by their onscreen breakup, saying that he was indeed “in shambles” and called fellow contestant Clay crying after it all went down.

“Everyone processes differently,” he said.

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