What’s the Status of Jeramey and Laura’s Relationship After ‘Love Is Blind’ Season 6?

And how does Sarah Ann factor in?

jeramey and laura kiss during their in-person reveal on 'love is blind' season 6
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Every season of Love Is Blind seems to be legally required to have at least one unbelievably messy love triangle. Season six had two of ‘em, but, with all due respect to Jimmy, Chelsea, and Jess, Jeramey Lutinski’s entanglement with Laura Dadisman and Sarah Ann Bick easily claimed the most-messy crown. Jeramey opted to propose to Laura in the pods, but that didn’t necessarily put a hard stop on his “friendship” with Sarah Ann—a recipe for disaster (and reality TV gold) if there ever was one.

Read on for a recap of what went down between the trio.

Warning: Spoilers ahead for the sixth season of Love Is Blind.

What happened between Jeramey and Laura on ‘Love Is Blind’ season 6?

Jeramey was torn between Laura and Sarah Ann from the beginning. He and Laura bonded over cleanliness—including Jeramey’s veritable fleet of robot vacuums, which help keep his home so spotless that Laura would later describe it as having “serial killer vibes”—and made plans for new holiday traditions. Meanwhile, Jeramey was also attracted to self-described “patriot” Sarah Ann, she of the questionable views on abortion.

Ultimately, he chose to propose to Laura after she declared her love for him and their shared “family values,” and he realized that she checked “all of the boxes” for him.

“Sarah is amazing, but Laura is my forever person,” he said after making his decision. “I genuinely think she and I have a better connection than anybody I’ve ever met.”

jeramey and laura kiss during their in-person reveal on 'love is blind' season 6

Jeramey and Laura kiss during their in-person reveal on Love Is Blind season 6.

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Alas, Jeramey may want to check his definition of “forever.” Though he and Laura experienced a few days of newly engaged bliss when they traveled to the Dominican Republic post-pods—minus Laura’s semi-serious disdain for Jeramey’s love of Hawaiian shirts—after returning to North Carolina and reuniting with their phones, Jeramey found that Sarah Ann had DM’d him on Instagram. Things went downhill from there.

The gist of the message, according to Laura’s retelling, was that Sarah Ann was willing to rekindle her romance with Jeramey, should anything ever change between him and Laura. Though Jeramey showed Laura the message, seemingly in a display of trust, he also heart-reacted to the message, rather than completely closing that door. Indeed, a few days later, while out one night, he apparently learned that Sarah Ann was out, too, and decided to have a chat with her, rather than going home to his fiancée.

laura on 'love is blind' season 6

Laura brought the (digital) receipts to confront Jeramey about his night with Sarah Ann, on Love Is Blind season 6.

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This is where things turn into a case of he-said, she-said. In a scene that belongs in a reality TV hall of fame, Laura confronts Jeramey over why he was out until 5 a.m. He claims that he was out with friends, heard Sarah Ann was out, too, and ended up chatting with her in his car in a karaoke bar’s parking lot before heading home; he points out that he shared his location with Laura, so she could see that he was in fact at the bar the entire time. Laura argues that she wasn’t up all night tracking his location and has him repeat his story—clearly, just to force him to dig his own grave a little deeper, as she then reveals that she actually did check his location and knows he was far from the karaoke bar at one point, suspiciously close to Sarah Ann’s house.

That effectively ended their engagement. Days later, at a group hangout at a lake house—their first time seeing each other since that final argument—they had an especially frosty back-and-forth that ended with Laura uttering a truly iconic line: “Go kick rocks with open-toed fucking shoes.”

Sarah Ann was also at the party, and after a tense conversation in which AD tried to get to the bottom of why Sarah Ann thought it was appropriate to DM an engaged man (inconclusive), Sarah Ann and Jeramey decided to leave the rest of the group behind and jet ski off into the sunset together, as the camera flashed back and forth between them and Laura crying tears of frustration over Jeramey’s behavior.

jeramey (center left) and sarah ann (right) prepare to ride jetskis on 'love is blind' season 6

Jeramey and Sarah Ann go on the most controversial jet ski ride of reality TV in Love Is Blind season 6.

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Did Jeramey and Laura make it to the altar?

Definitely not. See above.

What happened at the reunion?

They may not have made it to the altar, but Jeramey and Laura did make it to this season’s reunion episode—with Sarah Ann in tow, too.

To start, Jeramey and Sarah Ann revealed that they’ve stayed together in the year since the show finished filming and that they now live together. That’s when Laura appeared—via Zoom, since she was in Spain on a work trip—and things went about the way you’d expect.

They started by rehashing the infamous karaoke bar night, with Jeramey maintaining that he “didn’t intentionally” lie to Laura about where he’d been, though she accused him and Sarah Ann of having “corroborated” their stories to leave out the part where he drove her home that night. (“You’re a clown,” Laura told her ex-fiancé as their stories of how their final fight played out diverged.) Both Jeramey and Sarah Ann were adamant that nothing physical or “inappropriate” happened between them during those hours in the car, and though fellow cast member Chelsea chimed in to note that she’d “never stayed up ’til 5 a.m. just to talk,” Laura herself put a definitive end to that portion of the conversation by saying, “I don’t care what they did until 5 a.m.; I think they’re both disgusting.”

sarah ann and jeramey, seated together, talk with jessica (right) during the 'love is blind' season 6 reunion

Sarah Ann and Jeramey, seated together, speak with Jessica (right) during the Love Is Blind season 6 reunion.

(Image credit: Netflix)

Sarah Ann also got into a spat with several of the other women from the show. They accused her of being a “pick-me girl” for having unfollowed them all on social media while continuing to follow the men from the season—and, of course, for the DM she sent to Jeramey while he was still engaged.

About that DM: The reunion included an unaired scene from the lake party in which Sarah Ann and Laura sat down for a chat. In it, Sarah Ann apologized if the DM had hurt Laura, but said she’d felt the need to get her feelings off her chest so she could move on with her life; Laura said she had indeed found the DM “disrespectful,” but that she appreciated the apology. She went on to warn Sarah Ann that Jeramey had turned out to be completely different than the picture he’d painted for her in the pods, saying that she felt “literally blindsided” at the change and adding, “Just be careful, babe.”

That, of course, didn’t stop Sarah Ann from going full jet ski Bonnie and Clyde with Jeramey later that very afternoon.

laura attends the 'love is blind' season 6 reunion virtually

Laura attends the Love Is Blind season 6 reunion virtually.

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The Laura-Jeramey-Sarah Ann portion of the reunion ended with Sarah Ann apologizing to Laura once again for the DM, with Jeramey taking full blame for the messiness of the karaoke bar night, and with Laura announcing that she’s now dating someone new. So, all’s well that ends well?

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