The Cast of 'Too Hot to Handle' Season 5: Your Guide to Who's Who

Get to know (and find out how to follow) the new set of singles.

cast of too hot to handle season 5
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It's hard to believe that it's only been three years since Too Hot to Handle first arrived on our screens, but the Netflix reality hit that forces a group of sex-crazed beautiful people to not have sex is officially back for a fifth round. Lana has gathered a new group of international models and influencers with the hopes that they'll practice abstinence instead of chipping away at the $200,000 pot. With the first four episodes out this weekend, read on to meet this season's cast.

too hot to handle season 5

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Alex, 28, is a personal trainer and model from London who describes himself as a "modern day Greek God." He's very proud of his body, as shown through all the shirtless pics on his Instagram, and he counts his hair as one of his best features. 



Christine, 26, is a model and bottle girl from Houston, Texas, who stands out with her huge natural 'fro and statuesque height. The self-proclaimed 6'1" goddess primarily uses her Instagram as her modeling portfolio.



Multi-hyphenate Courtney, 25, is a business owner from Houston, TX, who works as a realtor, model, and influencer while also running a haircare brand. Her Instagram primarily consists of glamour shots and travel pics, and she also has highlights related to cooking, fitness, and faith.

Instagram: @courtneykrandolph ; TikTok@courtneykrandolph


Dre is an actor, model, and entrepreneur from Atlanta, who just celebrated his graduation from Clark Atlanta University and his 23rd birthday over the past two months. He's also a fitness enthusiast and has 12(!) siblings, so he's used to finding ways to stand out from the crowd.



Elys is a model and ski instructor from Lausanne, Switzerland, who seems to live part-time in London. Her Instagram is full of enviable pics from her travels (as well as a close-up of her inner-lip tattoo).



Finance bro Isaac, 24, is originally from Manchester in the U.K. but now works and lives in New Jersey. In addition to his job as a banker, he also models under the agency Wilhelmina, and often shares his glamour shots on Instagram.



24-year-old Hannah is an triple threat who sings, acts, and models. She's also a fitness enthusiast and influencer who regularly posts her workouts, as well as her nights out with friends in LA.



Hunter is a "full-time fun haver" from Arizona, who shares his goofy sense of humor and aesthetic vacation pics on Instagram. The outdoors enthusiast also runs a YouTube channel with over 200,000 subscribers.



22-year-old Louis is a model and semi-pro football player from Hampshire, U.K. The youngest contestant so far, Louis may be teasing his arc on the show with his Instagram caption, "They call me the menace."



Megan, 26, is a model and influencer from Cambridge, U.K. Her Instagram is full of travel and outfit pics, and she's also a dog mom to an adorable Pomeranian named Bo.



Yazmin, 25, is a bottle girl influencer who was born in Montevideo, Uruguay and currently lives in Toronto. Per her Instagram bio, she's a "part time party girl, full time drama queen."

Instagram@yazminmarzialiTikTok: @yazminmarziali


22-year-old Trey is a model who graduated from the University of Chicago and splits his time between the Windy City and Miami. His Instagram is mostly filled with glamour shots.

Instagram: treyyrogersofficial TikTok: @treyrogersofficial


24-year-old influencer Linzy was born in Vietnam and raised in Hawaii. Per her Instagram bio, she's also a DJ and an amateur sushi chef, and formerly worked as a hairstylist.

Instagram: @linzyluu; TikTok: @linzyluu


Bryce, 22, is a model and fitness enthusiast who hails from Gold Coast, Australia, and says his success rate with women is "100%."

Instagram: @brycesaltym; TikTok: @brycesaltym

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