Who is Georgia from 'Too Hot to Handle' Season 3?

Get to know the Aussie favorite.

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Get your SPF ready—Too Hot to Handle is back with another season. The Netflix hit premiered on January 19 with a new cast of sex-crazed beautiful people. One early favorite, Georgia, catches the eye of several male contestants right off the back, including one who falls right into her "bad boy" type. She's also the first to test the waters once Lana's rules are revealed. Here's what we know about the Australian fan favorite.

Georgia is a student midwife and influencer with over 100,000 followers on Instagram.

Twenty-six-year-old Georgia lives in Brisbane, Australia, and is studying to be a midwife. (She shared some pics from her training in her Instagram highlights.) In addition to midwifery, she's also done some brand partnerships on her account, which has grown to 143,000 followers at the time of writing.

She's guarded after events in her past.

In her THTH intro, Georgia describes herself as "extremely sexual" and says that she'll flirt with anyone. She also says her type is bad boys and narcissists, and that she likes international guys because the boys from her area are "jerks."

Throughout the season she opens up a bit more, revealing that in the past she wanted to meet a guy she could "settle down with." Eventually, she changed—she doesn't get into what exactly happened—and now she doesn't want to be tied down. Her actions on the show reflect that, with Georgia tending to back off when a guy seems too serious about wanting a relationship.

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She's a dog mom.

Georgia recently became a mom to an adorable pup called Sponge, who made two cameos on her Instagram around Christmas.

She loves a good throwback pic.

Georgia's Instagram feed is filled with glamorous selfies and travel shots of her adventures. She's also shared some adorable throwback pics of herself as a kid.

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