love has won holding hands
Love Has Lost: Inside a Conspiritualist Cult
Amy Carlson Stroud convinced her followers that she was Cleopatra reincarnated, able to cure COVID with colloidal silver, God in human …
world trade center twin towers statue of liberty
5 Women Journalists Reflect on Covering 9/11

Twenty years ago, these women told the stories of leaders, first responders, witnesses, and victims. Today, they tell their own.

The Eternal Sunshine of Juno Temple
After a lifetime playing heavy, dramatic roles—and weathering the lonely, painful pandemic year—the Ted Lasso actress is overjoyed to b…
annie murphy
Everybody Loves Annie

In the new dark comedy 'Kevin Can F**K Himself,' the actress stars as a housewife over the bullshit—but she’s as adored as ever.

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free birth at home pregnancy
Would You Deliver Your Own Baby?

A growing number of women are making the controversial choice to give birth without any medical assistance whatsoever.

woman wearing a vest that says "clinic escort"
Standing Between Care and Violence

With emboldened extremists and the COVID crisis, abortion-clinic escorts and defenders face more danger than ever before.

lessie benningfield randle
Seeking Healing a Century After the Tulsa Massacre

This 106-year-old woman is seeking reparations for the 1921 tragedy.

prix beauty awards
The 14 Best Beauty Products in the World

Marie Claire's annual Prix d'Excellence awards have been decided.

postnup couple apartment
So You Want a Postnup
No, they’re not planning to divorce, yet more couples are facing the awkwardness of getting their marital finances in order—after they …
tracee ellis ross by christine hahn
Joie de Tracee

The award-winning actress, CEO, and daughter of a legend lives her life boldly, no ‘ish’ about it.

bethenny frankel real housewifes of new york city
Bethenny Frankel Is Minding Her Own Business
The ‘Real Housewives’ breakout has moved on from the franchise that made her famous. But does she really want to leave the drama behind…
tarot cards woman distressed
My Tarot Card Dependency Controlled My Life

For years, Remy Ramirez didn't make a move without consulting her tarot deck.

21 Planet-Preserving Beauty Initiatives for 2021

Shampoos, deodorants, mascaras, and even glitter (that sneaky microplastic) are getting an eco glow-up this year.

fran drescher by ryan pfluger
Fran Drescher Is as Relevant as Ever—Just Ask Her

'The Nanny' star on being a '90s icon, schmoozing with Gwyneth Paltrow and Princess Di, and bringing Fran Fine to the stage.

person holding sign that reads stop asian hate collaged on top of an image of a aapi protest from 1972
Asian American Women on Where to Go From Here

Sen. Mazie Hirono, Lana Condor, Tina Tchen, and more on what it will take to create meaningful change in this country.

multi level marketing, black lives matter
The Do-Gooder Ploy
“Hey, wanna collab?” It’s the social-media version of “You up?” but, as our investigation shows, more insidious—and may be preying upon…
2021 changemakers
Changemakers 2021: Working Toward Wellness

Physical and mental well-being cannot be separated. These changemakers are working to ensure you have both.

stacey abrams
Stacey Abrams on Her Election Wins & What's Next

What will the country’s most famous political organizer do next?

hair competitions
Black Hair as Art

These styles prove that Black hair is an event, Black hair is political, and Black hair is boundless.

tayshia adams by paul romo
Can Tayshia Adams Steal You For a Sec?

After inserting some cultural realness into the Bachelor franchise, the former Bachelorette is ready to dig even deeper.

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north korea defector
Vanishing Act
Her life in South Korea seemed perfect: new friends, a burgeoning career, reality-TV fame. But she was about to become notorious—disapp…
fiction, kerri strug, kiley red
Read the Short Story "Playing Kerri Strug"
A new original work of short fiction by Kiley Reid, author of the New York Times best seller Such a Fun Age, is a cutting, witty examin…
dyspraxia developmental coordination disorder
The “Invisible Disability” You’ve Never Heard Of

Developmental coordination disorder (DCD) can make daily life a struggle. So why isn’t it better known?

priyanka chopra by ruth ossai for marie claire
Priyanka Pulls Back the Curtain
In her most telling interview yet, the actress addresses the challenges of her past, her biggest ambitions, and what she's taking on ne…
tele abortion
Teleabortion: A Bitter Pill
The pandemic made telemedicine mainstream. Now, a skin check or a cold prescription is just a video call away. But when it comes to abo…
Indigenous Reindeer Herders Fight for Their Rights

In the face of decades of cultural erasure, the Sámi women are striving to keep their culture, language, and livelihoods alive.

dolly parton by stacie huckeba
Hark! The Herald Dolly Sings

The queen of country discusses her Christmas album, Netflix film, and 365-wig collection with the queen of drag, RuPaul.

greeting cards
Season’s (and Other...) Greetings

Fans from a new digitally savvy generation are putting their stamp on the traditional greeting-card business.

the global fight for black lives
The Global Fight for Black Lives
Repeated instances of flagrant injustice within our borders have galvanized a new civil rights movement here—and around the world. Here…
scarlett johansson florence pugh for marie claire by quentin jones
Marvelous Women

With their superhero epic delayed, Scarlett Johansson and Florence Pugh talk the real-life plot twists 2020 is throwing at them.

virgin mary crying
To Save Victims, We Must Dismantle Purity Culture

The Christian church’s norms provide the perfect cover for sexual predators—and leave their victims feeling like the sinners.

How the World Fell Madly in Love With ‘DDLJ’

An oral history of the film that rewrote the modern Hindi rom-com.

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gabrielle union
The State of Gabrielle Union

“They say silence is violence, and I refuse to be complicit in my silence.”

douglas emhoff at home
The Good Husband
If Kamala Harris makes history this November, her husband, Doug Emhoff, will too. Meet the man who could be America’s first second gent…
The Gender Gap

A hard look at voter data reveals the true impact women have on who gets to sit in the Oval Office.

invasion of privacy
Invasion of Privacy

Everyone is after your data—it's being tracked, stored, stolen, and used against you. Here's how to protect yourself online.

chrissy teigen fall 2020
Chrissy In Command

The queen of the Internet is going offline to build a better future for her kids—and the rest of us.

90 day fiance, immigration, marriage
Inside America's Obsession With '90 Day Fiancé'

"The show exposes the extent to which relationships are about trading sex for money—or, less bluntly, love for security."

janet mock by luke gilford
Janet Mock: Up-Front and Unafraid
The multihyphenate reflects on her past (including her coming out story in this magazine), the present movement for Black trans lives, …
why i'm voting 2020
100 Women on Why They’re Voting in November

“I am voting because I want change. I want radical, life-altering, culture-shifting change.”

lyft rideshare
The Ride From Hell

A rideshare is supposed to be the safe option after a night out, but for these women, the reality was the opposite.

universal basic income
Can Basic Income Help Americans Escape Poverty?

Ciara McDonald, a single mother of three in Jackson, Mississippi, received $1,000 a month for a year. Here’s what happened.

lakey peterson usa is eliminated from the 2018 beachwaver maui pro with an equal 13th finish after placing second in heat 3 of round 2 at honolua bay, maui, hawaii, usa  the heat loss ended petersons hopes for a maiden world title and sees her finish runner up in the jeep leader rankings
Battle for the Waves
After decades of fighting for recognition by the IOC, surfers will finally compete in the Olympic Games in Tokyo in 2021. Three America…
fertility shelf life
What If Fertility Didn't Have a Shelf Life?

Nicole Shanahan and Sergey Brin’s struggle to start a family launched a new era in scientific research. The goal: End menopause.

the first year out
The First Year Out

Makeda Davis emerged from more than seven years in prison to a life that is complicated, unfamiliar, and, sometimes, soul crushing.

phoebe robinson for marie claire summer 2020 issue
Phoebe Robinson Is Doing the Most

After saying goodbye to '2 Dope Queens,' the comedian is building her next chapter, starting with a Comedy Central show.

surrogates ukraine
Locked Down and Pregnant With Someone Else's Baby

In Ukraine, COVID-19 has left surrogates trapped and newborns abandoned.

nicole richie shot by nicole nodland
How Not to Be a Reality Star, With Nicole Richie

The 'Nikki Fre$h' star is living the simple life she was always meant to.

dakota johnson by steven pan
Dakota Johnson Is in Control

The 'High Note' actress knows exactly what she wants.

riverdale actress marisol nichols also has a nonprofit foundation for a slavery free world and she goes on sex trafficking stings, working with local law enforcement
Marisol Nichols Is the Hollywood Vigilante

When she's not on set, the actress goes undercover to help cops catch men who have sex with children.

Astronomical object, Sky, Space, World, Outer space, Planet, Universe, Illustration, Theatre, Astronomy,
Exploring the World of Women and Space

If the past year has proven anything, it's that women have come a long way in the space program—but we still have light-years to go.

The Women Fighting to Save the World

These changemakers—teens and septuagenarians alike—are putting in the work to right our environmental wrongs before it's too late.

White, Face, Black, Head, Black-and-white, Monochrome, Glasses, Surgeon, Monochrome photography, Human,
One Nurse’s Week on the Coronavirus Frontlines

Emily Rostkowski is an oncology nurse and cancer survivor herself. But now she spends her days in the center of the coronavirus storm.

Beauty, Leg, Thigh, Human leg, Sitting, Long hair, Photo shoot, Photography, Model, Illustration,
Megan Thee Stallion Is Just Warming Up

With a new album and buzzy ballroom-competition show, the hot girl evangelist promises this summer will be a scorcher.

Property, House, Line, Architecture, Roof, Facade, Shed, Building, Room, Home,
“I’m Homeless—How Can I Self-Quarantine?”

In California, homeless and housing-insecure families struggle to find safe places to shelter from coronavirus.

People in nature, Hair, Blond, Green, Vegetation, Beauty, Photo shoot, Botany, Plant, Model,
40,000 Reasons to Believe in Gisele

"For a long time while I was in the public eye, I didn’t know who the real me was."

Red, Art, Photography, Black hair,
Princess Latifa's Great Escape
In exclusive interviews with her friends and family, Marie Claire goes behind the scenes of her last (failed) attempt to flee Dubai an…
Poster, Album cover, Lip, Illustration, Photo caption, Art,
Tales of a Hollywood Con Queen
She tormented studio executives, actors, makeup artists, photographers, screenwriters, and athletes for years—until Nicoletta Kotsianas…
Clothing, Shoulder, Beauty, Fashion, Hairstyle, Photo shoot, Neck, Blond, Fashion model, Sleeve,
Emily Blunt on Growing Up With a Stutter

"I’ve probably only now come to realize that everybody has something growing up. That just happened to be my thing."

Red, Leg, Fashion, Long hair, Restaurant, Dress, Thigh, Furniture, Photo shoot, Black hair,
Annie Murphy Is Letting Go of Schitt's

After five years as Alexis Rose on the hit comedy, the world is waiting to see what the actress does next.
So is she.

Photograph, Red, White, Pink, Snapshot, Leg, Standing, Sitting, Photography, Window,
The Best Friends Having Babies Together

You want a child. You don’t want to do it alone. What do you do? For many women, the answer is raising a kid with their BFF.

Clothing, Swimsuit top, Hat, Swimwear, Fashion accessory, Headgear, Sun hat, Costume accessory, Fashion model, Costume hat,
All Eyes on Elle Fanning

The 21-year-old has always been more than Dakota Fanning's younger sister. This year, she's proving it.

House, Home, Property, Residential area, Building, Sky, Real estate, Grass, Roof, Architecture,
All the Single Ladies...Are Buying Homes

Are you next?

Face, Nose, Eyebrow, Skin, Lip, Cheek, Chin, Head, Forehead, Beauty,
The Great Skincare Reset

This is the ultimate guide to getting the skin you want.

Eyewear, White, Clothing, Cool, Fashion, Beauty, Street fashion, Sunglasses, Photography, Photo shoot,
Nesta Cooper's Adventure Is Just Getting Started

The actress on her personal style, couch reading, and texting with her 'See' co-stars.

Eyewear, Purple, Glasses, Vision care, Smile,
Underestimate Megan Abbott If You Dare

With the premiere of her TV series “Dare Me,” the novelist-turned-showrunner is taking her knack for humanizing beyond the page.

Font, Text, Orange, Neon, Logo, Graphic design, Neon sign, Graphics, Electronic signage, Signage,
The Happier Hour

Liquor no longer holds the allure it once did for “sober curious” women.

forehead, line, human, eye, close up, paper, font, stock photography, newsprint, photography,
“I Was Illegally Billed Seven Times for My Rape”

When hospital bills for her rape kit sent Cate Smithson to collections, she didn't just get mad. She overhauled the system.

Hair, White, Hairstyle, Black hair, Beauty, Skin, Shoulder, Long hair, Model, Smile,
Tomi Adeyemi Makes Magic. Again.

With the highly anticipated sequel to Children of Blood and Bone, the 26-year-old proves she's just getting started.

Red, Orange, Text, Rectangle, Font, Technology, Switch, Square, Circle, Icon,
The Made-for-TV Battle for Christmas

Spreading holiday cheer, one saccharine movie at a time, is big business.

Transport, Airplane, Airline, Vehicle, Aircraft, Photography, Light aircraft, Public transport, Aviation, Travel,
How to Elevate Your Airport Style

Let's fly in high-style again.

Clothing, Beauty, Botany, Photo shoot, Sitting, Fashion, Spring, Plant, Summer, Outerwear,
The Rise of Daisy Ridley

In next month's 'Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker,' she bids goodbye to feminist force Rey and embarks on her next adventure.

Smile, Fun,
How to Build an Instafamous Megachurch

Is Churchome's Instagrammable message reframing Christianity or helping the organization rake in millions?

People in nature, Yellow, Sitting, Beauty, Photo shoot, Grass, Botany, Photography, Model, Tree,
Ella Balinska Is Not Your Mom's Angel

The breakout star of the new Charlie's Angels shatters the action-hero mold.

Red, Illustration, Leg, Art, Visual arts,
The Virginity Testing Crisis

No procedure exists that can prove virginity, yet dangerously unscientific virginity tests occur regularly—even in the United States.

Leaf, Botany, Map, Illustration, Plant, Tree, Adaptation, Plant pathology, Art, Flower,
Afghan Women & the Fight Against Virginity Testing

A new ruling brings women one step closer to ridding themselves of the sham procedure for good.

Hair, Face, Head, Nose, Mouth, Smile, Eye, People, Fun, Hairstyle,
These 25-Year-Olds Are Remaking the Future

From environmental science to adaptive wear, these young women are changing the game.

When Did Work Get So Woo-Woo?

Executives at startups and in Silicon Valley are turning to the metaphysical to get ahead at work.

Hair, Face, Lip, Eyebrow, Skin, Nose, Chin, Cheek, Beauty, Pink,
Marie Claire's 7th Annual New Guard

Meet 50 women who made bold moves, raised major capital, and wowed us with their fearless vision.

Athletic dance move, Ballet dancer, White, Ballet, Dancer, Pink, Ballet tutu, Dance, Footwear, Performing arts,
Kathryn Morgan Returns to the Stage
Seven years after complications from Hashimoto's thyroiditis ended her blossoming career with New York City Ballet, the 30-year-old is …
Camera, Cameras & optics, Digital camera, Electronics, Point-and-shoot camera, Selfie, Photography, Technology, Electronic device, Gadget,
The Next 25 Years of Beauty

What incredible products, treatments, and technologies are on our horizon?

Clothing, Black, Standing, Shoulder, Leg, Fashion, Dress, Joint, Neck, Waist,
All Hail Regina King

The actress is finally getting her due. Coming up next? A superhero role in HBO’s 'Watchmen' series.

Cartoon, Illustration, Art, Poster, Painting, Fictional character, Fiction, Modern art, Comics, Style,
The Timely Return of Nancy Drew

This month, the boundary-pushing sleuth lands on the small screen in the CW’s new Nancy Drew series. But she was always a YA badass.

Hair, Beauty, Blond, Vehicle door, Hairstyle, Long hair, Automotive design, Model, Fashion, Photo shoot,
Hannah Brown Isn’t Settling Anymore

The beloved Bachelorette opens up about Luke, Jed, and what’s next for her: “I am totally okay on my own.”

Clothing, Street fashion, Automotive design, Fashion, Beauty, Waist, Model, Car, Vehicle, Latex clothing,
Maddie Ziegler: Mogul in Training
Maddie Ziegler has done a lot in 17 years—and with her first starring role coming this year in the Sia-directed Music, she's just warmi…
Beauty, Eyebrow, Fashion, Lip, Black-and-white, Photography, Monochrome, Model, Photo shoot, Fashion design,
25 Women Changing the Future

Celebrating 25 years of revolutionary women.

Hair, Face, Eyebrow, Beauty, Skin, Hairstyle, Lip, Head, Forehead, Long hair,
Lauren Duca on Lauren Duca

The writer/talking head/Twitter incendiary the internet loves to hate always has more to say...

Illustration, Art, Stock photography,
I Was Adopted by a Sex Offender

How my stepfather's past changed my future.

Face, Black, Beauty, Portrait, Black-and-white, Eye, Photography, Lip, Portrait photography, Monochrome,
Awkwafina Never Thought She'd End Up Here

By shifting seamlessly from comic genius to dramatic force, social media to silver screen, she represents a next-level kind of stardom.

Hair, Facial expression, Hairstyle, Chin, Cheek, Black-and-white, Forehead, Blond, Photography, Portrait,
Megan Rapinoe Is Winning On and Off the Field

The outspoken U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team cocaptain has emerged as a model for a new kind of activist athlete.

Black, Black hair, Beauty, Arm, Neck, Leg, Long hair, Mouth, Photography, Sitting,
Kacey Musgraves Doesn't Want Your Permission

By proving progressive, provocative voices like hers deserve to be heard, she’s redefining country music for a new generation.

White, Beauty, Forehead, Black hair, Arm, Photo shoot, Photography, Model, Tie, Formal wear,
It's Lilly Singh's Turn to Ask the Questions

She parlayed YouTube megafame into a late-night hosting chair, ushering a major network into a belatedly woke future.

Illustration, Circle, Hat, Headgear, Art, Graphic design, Pattern, Visual arts, Painting,
Inside the Cutthroat World of Royal Gossips
In the life of a royal correspondent there’s glamour, fierce competition, and backstabbing. Now, with a protocol-defying American duch…
Green, Yellow, Sitting, Fashion, Blond, Room, Long hair, Leg, Photography, Furniture,
Emma Chamberlain: Antidote to Influencer Culture

She's the antidote to perfectly polished influencer culture, and her millions of followers have responded with adulation –and relief.

Art model, Blond, Model, Muscle, Long hair, Photography, Sitting, Flesh,
Cara Delevingne Bares All

Is there anything the actress, model, singer, author, activist, and daredevil can't do?

Face, Blue, Hair, Red, Lip, Head, Sky, Beauty, Nose, Eye,
Meet Hunter Schafer, TV's New It Girl

The 20-year-old breakout star on grappling with Instagram, trans visibility, and newfound fame.

Food, Junk food, Snack, American food, Cuisine,
Is It Possible to Live Trash-Free?
The planet is in peril, and plastics are a major problem. Now there’s an entire movement dedicated to changing our habits before it’s …
People, Beauty, Tradition, Close-up, Forehead, Eye, Lip, Jewellery, Photography, Fashion accessory,
Missy Elliott: The Legend Returns
The artist, who's ready to drop long-awaited new music, redefined hip-hop vocally and visually. Here, she discusses her superstar legac…
dxkc3k when harry met sally image shot 1989 exact date unknown
Carrie Fisher's Marie Is the Best Rom-Com BFF Ever

As the flick turns 30, let's reflect on her perfection as a rom-com BFF.

mushroom, nature, natural landscape, fungus, edible mushroom, medicinal mushroom, agaricomycetes, agaricaceae, agaric, agaricus,
Can Microdosing on Magic Mushrooms Cure Anxiety?

Women across the country are self-treating their depression and anxiety with hallucinogenic mushrooms. Is it working?

Red carpet, Carpet, Beauty, Blond, Fashion, Premiere, Flooring, Event, Performance, Electric blue,
Heidi Montag Has Always Been Hero of 'The Hills'

And, like any good complicated lead, we can see ourselves in her.

Hair, Hairstyle, Sky,
Everything You Need to Know About Anxiety

This is Marie Claire's everything guide to anxiety: What it is. Why you have it. And how to treat it.

Lighting, Table, Furniture, Lamp, Houseplant, Interior design, Desk, Light fixture, Couch, Picture frame,
We Owe Elaine From 'Seinfeld' So Much

For better or worse, Julia Louis-Dreyfus's character was one of the first truly multifaceted TV heroines.

Black, Black-and-white, Monochrome, Monochrome photography, Tree, Architecture, Photography, Mountain, Stock photography, Landscape,
The Lost Daughters of Salerno

The news cycle moved on, but Salerno, Italy, the town that became the final resting place for 26 migrant women has not forgotten them.

Hair, Beauty, Long hair, Tree, Lip, Botany, Blond, Eye, Brown hair, Spring,
Sabrina Carpenter Is Ready for Act II

How the 20-year-old went from a teen Disney Channel star to a singing, acting Gen-Z icon in the making.

People in nature, Hair, Beauty, Grass, Model, Photo shoot, Long hair, Tree, Photography, Lip,
It's Tessa Thompson's Time to Shine

The actress, who stars in this month's 'Men in Black: International,' is the change she wants to see in Hollywood.

Transport, Landscape, Ecoregion, Vehicle, Travel, Photography, Adaptation, Car, Road, Soil,
The Invisible Victims: Missing Native Women
Two years ago, Ashley Heavy Runner Loring vanished without a trace, like thousands of other Native American women who go missing at ala…
Mountainous landforms, Sky, Mountain, Wadi, Natural environment, Cloud, Wilderness, Hill, Landscape, Valley,
Assault Victims at the Border Are Being Sent Back
Trump’s calls for a border wall won’t make it harder for domestic violence survivors to find refuge in the U.S.—a new ruling is already…
Who Killed Claudia Gomez?
A year ago this month, a 20-year-old Guatemalan woman seeking opportunity in the U.S. was shot dead by a Border Patrol agent in Texas. …
Hair, Fashion model, Face, Photo shoot, Model, Beauty, Hairstyle, Lip, Eyebrow, Fashion,
Charlize Theron Is in Control—and Funny as Hell

No one was more surprised than Theron to find herself in her first-ever rom-com.

Hair, Clothing, Skin, Beauty, Brown, Yellow, Shoulder, Fashion, Dress, Joint,
Aya Cash Takes a Turn for the Best

The 'You’re the Worst' star is earning rave reviews for holding her own in the glamorous 'Fosse/Verdon.'

Green, Orange, Standing, Fashion, Yellow, Fashion illustration, Shoulder, Bag, Illustration, Animation,
How to Start Your Dream Company
Last year, women launched 1,821 new businesses every day—yet, starting your own company can feel overwhelming. Here, everything you nee…
Directly Above Shot Of Food In Bowl
Is the Keto Craze for Real?

How did a fringy high-fat diet developed to treat epilepsy become the latest trend for power women? And, more important, does it work?

Katelyn Ohashi Takes a Bow
After years of physical and emotional suffering at the elite level, the gymnast finally found happiness—and stardom—in college. She pla…
People, Social group, Fun, Photography, Family, Art,
How a Columbine Survivor Finally Found Her Voice

Salli Garrigan, a Columbine shooting survivor, didn't think her story mattered—until Parkland.

Collage, Poster, Illustration, Graphic design, Art, Font, Clip art, Logo, Graphics,
Welcome to the ABCs of CBD

CBD is everywhere now. We'll spend a whole week exploring how that happened and what it means for you.

Face, Hair, Eyebrow, Hairstyle, Chin, Nose, Beauty, Lip, Skin, Cheek,
Women of the Hour: Thandie, Elisabeth, and Sandra

These women are defining a new kind of TV heroine.

Event, Facial hair, Team, Performance,
Vote in the March Dadness Finals Now

A bracket we can get behind.

Hair, Face, Eyebrow, Lip, Hairstyle, Skin, Chin, Forehead, Beauty, Cheek,
These Women Are Revolutionizing Hollywood
We partnered with Time's Up Entertainment to hear directly from the powerhouses flipping the entertainment industry on its head and reb…
Suit, Formal wear, Fashion, White-collar worker, Tuxedo, Sitting, Photography, Event, Gesture, Photo shoot,
Introducing Marie Claire's Change Makers

On-screen and off, these women are shaping the future of Hollywood.

Clothing, Suit, Outerwear, Formal wear, Beauty, Fashion, Blazer, Fashion model, Long hair, Dress,
Our Lady of Shade

Angie Nwandu dishes on how she turned the formerly tiny gossip site into the authority on Black culture it is today.

Hypodermic needle, Medical, Medical equipment,
A Top Doctor Shares Her Saga of Opioid Addiction

She was a doctor who knew the risks. She still got hooked on opioids.