Deep Dives

image Tales of a Hollywood Con Queen

She tormented studio executives, actors, makeup artists, photographers, screenwriters, and athletes for years—until Nicoletta Kotsianas was put on the case.

image How Emily Blunt's Stutter Led Her to a Successful Acting Career

"I’ve probably only now come to realize that everybody has something growing up. That just happened to be my thing."

image Annie Murphy Is Letting Go of Schitt's

After five years as Alexis Rose on the hit comedy, the world is waiting to see what the actress does next.
So is she.

image They're Single. They're Straight. They're Friends. And They're Having a Baby.

You want a child. You don’t want to do it alone. What do you do? For many women, the answer is raising a kid with their BFF.

image All Eyes on Elle Fanning

The 21-year-old has always been more than Dakota Fanning's younger sister. This year, she's proving it.

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image The Great Skincare Reset

This is the ultimate guide to getting the skin you want.

image Nesta Cooper's Adventure Is Just Getting Started

The actress on her personal style, couch reading, and texting with her 'See' co-stars.

image Underestimate Megan Abbott If You Dare

With the premiere of her TV series “Dare Me,” the novelist-turned-showrunner is taking her knack for humanizing beyond the page.

image Why So Many Women Are Embracing a New Kind of Sobriety

Liquor no longer holds the allure it once did for “sober curious” women.

image “I Was Illegally Billed Seven Times for My Rape”

When hospital bills for her rape kit sent Cate Smithson to collections, she didn't just get mad. She overhauled the system.

image Tomi Adeyemi Makes Magic. Again.

With the highly anticipated sequel to Children of Blood and Bone, the 26-year-old proves she's just getting started.

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image The Made-for-TV War for Christmas

Spreading holiday cheer, one saccharine movie at a time, is big business.

image Marie Claire's Guide to Elevated Airport Dressing

Let's fly in high-style again.

image The Rise of Daisy Ridley

In next month's 'Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker,' she bids goodbye to feminist force Rey and embarks on her next adventure.

image Will Worship for Likes

Is Churchome's Instagrammable message reframing Christianity or helping the organization rake in millions?

image Ella Balinska Is Not Your Mom's Angel

The breakout star of the new Charlie's Angels shatters the action-hero mold.

image In Afghanistan, Women Are Winning the Fight Against Virginity Testing

A new ruling brings women one step closer to ridding themselves of the sham procedure for good.

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image Why Are American Doctors Performing Virginity Tests?

No procedure exists that can prove virginity, yet dangerously unscientific virginity tests occur regularly—even in the United States.

image Young, Bold, Impressive: 25-Year-Old Women Who Are Forging the Future

From environmental science to adaptive wear, these young women are changing the game.

image When Did Work Get So Woo-Woo?

Executives at startups and in Silicon Valley are turning to the metaphysical to get ahead at work.