Burberry's New Logo and Monogram Have Finally Been Unveiled

They were designed from scratch in four weeks.

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Riccardo Tisci is ushering a new creative wave into the luxury brand Burberry. Today, Tisci, the chief creative officer of the fashion house, unveiled Burberry's new logo: "Burberry London England" in black capital letters over a white print. Tisci also unveiled a new monogram print—white B letterings intertwined in an orange and-beige woven pattern. The bright design was inspired by Tisci's dive into Burberry's archives, where he found a design from 1908.

In a series of emails released on the brand's Instagram account, they showed Tisci asking Peter Saville (he re-designed the Calvin Klein logo with Raf Simons last year) to design the logo and monogram in just four weeks. Saville delivered.

"Peter is one of our generation's greatest design geniuses," said Tisci in a statement. "I'm so happy to have collaborated together to reimagine the new visual language for the house."

This new logo is the first update for Burberry in decades, which marks an important point in history for the luxe brand and comes just in time before Tisci's first Burberry runway show at London Fashion Week in September.

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Formerly of Givenchy, Tisci took over Burberry after Christopher Bailey, then chief creative officer and president, left the company in 2017. As designers jump from one fashion house to another, you can most definitely expect a change in that brand's visions and designs. As a fan of Givenchy, I, for one, can't wait to see what Tisci brings to the table for Burberry at FW.

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