If You Lived Inside a J. Crew Holiday Ad (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

A girl can dream, right?

What a beautiful life it would be! There would be bright colors, perfect un-done buns, and tons and tons of cashmere. Huzzah!

Here's a pretty lady. Let's call her Sally. Sally is having a lovely day filled with snow that isn't cold, perfectly flat-ironed locks that don't get sweaty and matted from being under a hat, and she's thoroughly enjoying having her photo taken, ensuring all of her good angles are captured.
Sally's friend Kate easily matches her scarf and hat to her glasses and sweater... daily.
And their gorgeous other gorgeous friend, Sue, can wear winter white and never spill on it. In fact, she's never had a stain in her life.
Sally's son Luke stopped by. He is one cool dude. He's pretty much mackin' every day during recess.
Hey, there's Sally again! She owns matching fuzzy cashmere in every shade of paste. And her arm never gets tired in that pose. She's probably lecturing Luke on the importance of homework vs. a social life.
Derek and Jasper join in the fun. These dapper gents are always on time, even if they have to stylishly leap wherever they need to go.
Sparkly high-tops, patterned leggings, and wind-swept hair that we can only dream of. And she's only 9-years-old. Luke has the coolest friends.
Ah, baby Zoe, and without a spot of spit-up anywhere to be found. She, coincidentally, expertly drinks all of her bottles and eats every last bit of mashed peas without spilling a drop on her adorable outfit.

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