The Typical College Romance in 3 Sweatshirts

You can reminisce about this at your next Uni reunion.

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Whether you're a freshman, recent grad, or consider the frat house and solo cup a distant memory—we've all experienced the age-old collegiate conundrum that is the drunken hook-up. It was all love after three questionable jungle juice drinks and a sweaty dance to "We Found Love" by Rihanna. That is, until you woke up with eyeliner stuck to your forehead. To celebrate this coming-of-age tale, brands Lulu & Co and Chinti and Parker hit the nail on the freakin' head with their new cheeky sweatshirts. As Drake would say: We started from John Belushi now we're here.

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Your eyes met across the beer pong table. He was shirtless and you were dressed as a sexy librarian in a crop top. He asked if you wanted to watch a YouTube video of a laughing panda in his room. Magic.

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It was a Sunday night. You were bored and he had Showtime. Maybe it should have mattered that he had four roommates and hadn't changed the sheets since the last time you hooked up.

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He only texts you late-night on Thursdays, but his apartment is right by your Friday morning class. Woops. This is definitely the last time.

Chinti and Parker Love-Intarsia Cashmere Sweater, $550;

Lulu & Co Yeah I Guess Appliquéd Cotton-Jersey Sweatshirt, $150;

Lulu & Co Never Again Sequined Cotton Sweatshirt, $150;

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