The 15 Best Fanny Packs That Scream "Fashion"

Stylist-approved ways to rock the It Girl look.

A small black Prada fanny pack
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Formerly known as the sporty accessory, donning a fanny pack quickly became a passé tourist thing. But today, strapping one to your hip, in earnest, won't deem you a paranoid traveler or a naïve fashion victim. Thanks to a major comeback on the runways, designers like Louis Vuitton, Fendi, and Bottega Veneta have catapulted the fanny pack, or the more fashionable monitor "belt bag," to cool-girl status. Indeed, A-list celebrities like Rihanna and Sarah Jessica Parker have long been spotted wearing belt bags, and their support has helped propel the popularity of this fashion classic.

Celebrity stylist Elisabeth Kassab agrees, recalling, "My memory of fanny packs coming back in style is when Kim Kardashian started wearing them in the peak of Keeping Up With The Kardashians.  She was the style It Girl so it was like 'monkey see, monkey do.'" 

In addition to being stylish, the practicality of a fanny pack is unrivaled. There's nothing more liberating than going hands-free, and with roomier interiors and loads of pockets, you don't have to decide between your important life essentials. 

"Not only is a fanny pack hands-free and more comfortable," Kassab summarizes, "but it’s also the perfect size to take on the go. You don’t have to take it off to dig for what you need. It’s already in front of you."

And when it comes to styles, the possibilities are endless: You can keep it elevated with a slim leather style or get into on-trend prints like camos and tie dyes. Ahead, editor- and stylist-approved options with loads of fashion-meets-function potential.

Styling Fanny Packs

Styling a fanny pack can be quite the challenge for the wearer who doesn't want to look like a lost tourist at Disney World. The key, of course, is the belt bag you opt for and the items you wear it with.

Kassab says that the typical fanny pack or belt bag "is a small handbag ‘pouch’ that you typically wear around your waist." In addition to this more traditional method of wearing the bag, she adds that wearers can also style a fanny pack "as a crossbody around the front of you, or as a crossbody on the back of you, almost like a backpack. I prefer in the front of me for safety purposes!"

The Best Fanny Packs

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Elisabeth Kassab