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13 New Spring Handbags for Women That Are Under $50

As for the money you save? Spend it on rosé.

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In the spring and summer, my credit card bills are always a little higher. Maybe it's the floral jumpsuit I couldn't resist buying, or the third round of margaritas...or the online shopping I did after said margaritas. Whatever the case, I know I shop more when the weather's nicer and I can show off my newest dresses, handbags, and sandals. If you're nodding along, then you'll understand—you just can't splurge on every new trend, especially for bags. The bills would be insane! So in an effort to be a smarter shopper, I found 13 of spring's newest and best handbags—all under $50. And, now you have room in the budget for margs or rosé.

Chelsea Beaded Mini Bag
Urban Outfitters urbanoutfitters.com

Retailers are pumping out beaded bags for you to buy this season. For a budget-friendly option, head to Urban Outfitters to snag this pink one for only $14. Then, stuff it with a cute wallet or your favorite sunscreen for summer

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Mercy PU Bamboo Tote Bag
Topshop topshop.com

Here's a transparent bag that's fashionable and functional. An interior pocket hides all your miscellaneous items, from tampons to lipstick, yet still looks cool inside a clear plastic tote. I'm also loving the contemporary bamboo handles. 

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Kate Mini Tote Bag
Urban Outfitters urbanoutfitters.com

Whether you're heading to the farmer's market or to the beach, this stretch netted bag is necessary for all your belongings. Granted, sand will get into the holes, but also it's much easier to get sand out of your bag. Plus, think of all the plastic bags you won't be contributing to landfills. 

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Skipping Girl Classic Tote
Skipping Girl shopbop.com

Maybe you don't take accessorizing super-seriously, which is why you're completely drawn to this aqua-blue bag with large lemon prints. It exudes the spring/summer vibes you've been craving these past few months. Style it with a summer dress or jeans—the options are endless.

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Mini Backpack
Puma shopbop.com

Let this sporty accessory be your go-to for all types of excursions from music festivals to hikes. With adjustable straps, you can wear this across your body or as a backpack. Don't be afraid to get this bag a little dirty or scuffed either, since it won't show up nearly as much on black.

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Natural Handbag
Zara zara.com

Unsure about the whole woven/wicker trend? Test it out first with this affordable option from Zara. It's a little different than the other circular bags you've seen since it has wooden handles. A small touch goes a long way in style. 

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Small Bucket Bag
H&M hm.com

Instead of plain drawstrings, this bucket bag comes with a green floral scarf to cinch your bag closed. The tiny but unique detail makes it worth buying, and it's only $28. 

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Animal Print Belt Bag
Mango mango.com

Handbag trends come and go, which is why this $30 belt bag is the best way to wear the trend without depleting your checking account. Aesthetically, it looks as luxe as its designer counterparts and it comes in two versatile colors for your outfits. All the signs point to buy it. 

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Cutout Round Bucket Crossbody Bag
Emperia nordstrom.com

Diversify your handbag collection with this crossbody bucket bag. It even incorporated spring's latest trend, a drawstring pouch as lining, to make it more useable given its cutout design. 

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Faux Leather Colorblock Canteen Crossbody Bag
T-shirt & Jeans nordstrom.com

When the days feel longer and everything feels lighter and more fun, take this pastel pink crossbody bag out of the closet. The soft shade is great for anyone who shies away from bolder colors, but wants to swap out their darker winter handbags. 

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Asos Design Triangular Plastic Bag
Asos Design us.asos.com

A clutch might not be big enough to hold everything you need for that wedding, so consider this bag as an alternative. The burdungy colored plastic, plus gold handles, makes it look fancy with whatever dress you're wearing. 

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Mini Faux-Fur Shopper Tote Bag
Gap gap.com

A furry bag might not be at the top of your wish list, but once you have it, you won't let it go. Despite its small size, it can hold a water bottle, wallet, umbrella, and keys. (I have a similar one and, yes, have stuffed it to the max with items during fashion week.)

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Small Shoulder Bag
H&M hm.com

Sneak a little snake print into your outfit with this baby blue crossbody bag. It's the perfect nighttime accessory for summer—dressy but not too dressy.  Suitable for trendy cocktail bars or casual breweries. 


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