15 New Spring Handbags for Women That Are Under $50

As for the money you save? Spend it on rosé.

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(Image credit: Design by Morgan McMullen)

In the spring and summer, my credit card bills are always a little higher. Maybe it's the floral jumpsuit I couldn't resist buying, or the third round of margaritas...or the online shopping I did after said margaritas. Whatever the case, I know I shop more when the weather's nicer and I can show off my newest dresses, handbags, and sandals. (Wondering what the latest trends are? I've got that covered here.) Because of my bills Mint alerts that inform me when I'm approaching my budget in the shopping category, I've been slightly more financially conscious in 2021.

The lesson learned? You just can't splurge on every new trend you see on the runway or on the arms of your colleague, especially for bags. If you're nodding along, then you understand. There's a healthy way to indulge your handbag addiction without spiraling into a state of unpaid credit card bills. In an effort to be a smarter shopper, I found 15 of spring's newest and best handbags—all under $50. The options range from a woven raffia circle bag to a plaid canvas tote that you can fit a small pup into. And now you'll have room in the budget for that extra marg or rosé!

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