The Best Swimwear for New Moms

Treat yourself.

(Image credit: Design by Morgan McMullen)

Every woman has a unique experience when it comes to the changes to their bodies during and after pregnancy. For most women, postpartum recovery can last anywhere from six weeks to two years. Celebrating your body for all that it's been through is so important, especially when it comes to finding the right swimsuit that leaves you feeling your best. Moms who have had C-sections might want a bikini that shields the scars—alternatively, they may want to show off the scars with pride—while some moms may prefer a one-piece for full coverage on the front (and a sexy plunging back from behind). Since you're likely to have your hands full with diaper changes and putting baby to sleep, we hunted for the best postpartum swimsuits for you. Whether you want something sexy, comfortable, or feminine, not to mention breastfeeding-friendly, we found 15 swimsuit options, from bikinis to one-pieces, that'll leave you feeling confident and totally in awe of everything your body is capable of.


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