Kate Spade Went and Made the Magnolia Bakery-Inspired Bags She Was Always Meant to Make

Cupcakes or GTFO.

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Courtesy of Kate Spade, design by Katja Cho

Kate Spade might be expanding her brand to include "athleisure fitness" and carpeting, but she's not turning her back on the thing that made her Queen of sparklescuteglitterkitsch: dessert.

In collaboration with Magnolia Bakery—the New York-based sweets shop people line up in front of instead of sensibly decamping to any of its 75 million other locations because the Greenwich Village one was where Carrie and Miranda ate cupcakes—the designer is releasing a capsule collection of bags that resemble cookbooks, banana-pudding tubs, and gateaux piped with ombré buttercream ruffles in shades of pink.

Courtesy of Kate Spade

Courtesy of Kate Spade

Courtesy of Kate Spade

Just what we needed: a cupcake carrier.
Courtesy of Kate Spade

The price caps at $348 and begins at $78 for a frosted-cupcake keychain. Look out for the full range in stores and online Oct. 12, and don't forget to bring your insulin.

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