In Another Interesting Move, Fashion Says *This* Is the New, Cool Way to Wear Sunglasses


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Every so often, part of me wants to sing (in James Murphy's voice) "Fashion, I love you. But you're weirding me out." Not because croakies and sweatpants that cost more than a plane ticket are in, but because sooner or later, we come to embrace the things we first found strange—that's the really wacky part.

While the industry's latest curveball—the titular "cool way to wear sunglasses"—seems pretty palatable to us, we could also see someone being like "This is really silly, and I will never change how I wear my Quay aviators, which is over my ears like a normal human." Fair, but at least allow us to present our case for hooking the arms *over* your hair, because you might just come around.

At his Fall 2016 show, Michael Kors sent out models in Willy Wonka frames (the Johnny Depp kind from the version that tried really hard to be traumatic). See how the hair was left under, as if the girls were too busy being ~cool~ to care about itching? That's the spirit—being *that* insouciant to not notice or worry about getting those bumps on the side of your face when anything rubs against it! Then Alessandro Michele did the same at subsequent Gucci presentations, upping the ante with a headscarf.

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In addition to helping one project carelessness, the newest addition to the "tuck" family (joining turtleneck and half) also has some latent beauty benefits. If you're clever about it, you can create a bit of a sculpting effect—more hair in front of the ear means less face, which equals slimming, while precise inward bending could whittle down a broad forehead. And remember the headphone styling trick? Same idea, but replace "Frends" with "POMS x Pared Gatto" and "swoop" with "those wavy front bits Kate Moss has."

Persuaded yet? If anything, have a try at home, grunt "ew" at your hair-engulfed reflection, then forget all about it until three months later, when it suddenly seems like a fun thing to do.

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