Three Fashion Disaster Fixes

Quick fixes for the dreaded camel toe, peekaboo thong, and muffin top.

We've all had a rushed morning that led to approving an outfit in bad lighting, throwing on a pair of jeans that haven't been worn in a year, or not noticing the PMS bloat set in.

Wardrobe malfunctions don't discriminate. The key to handling one is to identify early, mask immediately, and never repeat. Below, the worst offenders and some quick fixes you can pull in a hurry.

Fashion Disaster: Cameltoe

Cameltoe is, quite simply, the most humiliating clothing disaster we know of, the prevention of which has even prompted a boutique business. Camelflage and Camel Ammo are two brands that pledge to keep your privates indiscernible by employing panty inserts to eliminate any hint of CT.

Quick Fix: The most effective way to camouflage is with a panty liner. Instead of placing it in the usual spot turn the liner on its side, fold it in half and make sure it sits across the anatomy in question like a Band-Aid. The liner will create a smooth barrier between you and your pants, functioning very similarly, and more cheaply, to the Camel Ammo and Camelflage.

Fashion Disaster: The Peeping Thong

There is a class of woman for whom this is no accident, but for a majority of thong wears we'd like to keep all evidence of our underwear out of eyesight. For the most part, the show-and-tell thong is a butt to jeans ratio issue — usually because pants are too loose, not too tight.

Quick Fix: Good posture. A straight back will keep the gap between your pants and your body at bay by forcing both your shirt and pants flat against your back; one or the other will shield your thong from view. See, your mother was right when she told you to sit up straight, young lady!

Fashion Disaster: Muffin Top

Too-tight pants create muffin tops on everyone, from the curvy to the thin. So how can you fix it without a change of clothes?

Quick Fix: If you do fall victim to pair of too-tight trousers, your best bet is to tie something, a jacket or sweater, loosely around your waist, for that playfully casual, just-threw-this-on vibe. Or employ the bold fix — own your waistline. Pop open that top button, fold back the band of your pants, and pull them down a little until they sit comfortably. Then put a 'Say hello to my bellybutton, world, I meant to dress this way!' smile on your face and go about your business.