12 Best Plus-Size Shopping Websites

Big Girl in a Skinny World:12 Best Plus-Size Shopping Websites

Hi Ladies,

This week Fatima from Irvine, California says:

I am a plus woman and strongly believe that being a big girl does not mean that I shouldn't look pretty. I would like your recommendation on the best plus size apparel offered on the web. Thank you and keep up the good work.

Well, Fatima, any of my friends will tell you I used to be completely opposed to online shopping. Plus-size girls have the hardest body to fit and I, for one, am the type who tries on 50 things before one fits my voluptuous bod. But it has to be said that there are some amazing clothes to be found online. And because many stores have relocated their bigger sizes to the Web, I have found myself placing quite a few orders.

My favorite online shopping destinations vary in price range and in purpose. For great everyday pieces, I love to shop at

Old Navy (opens in new tab)Banana Republic (opens in new tab), and Gap (opens in new tab) (you can order from all three and have them shipped for a flat rate $7). Bloomingdales (opens in new tab)Macys (opens in new tab), and Saks (opens in new tab) all have plus sizes available online. Michael Kors and Calvin Klein are my favorite splurge brands and can be found there. Forever 21 (opens in new tab) is now offering a plus size line, called Faith 21, that can be found on their website. The best part about this line is that they take many of the pieces they make in smaller sizes and offer them in plus size.

Avenue (opens in new tab) and Lane Bryant (opens in new tab) are great plus size destinations. Other lesser known options like

Igigi (opens in new tab) and

Silhouettes (opens in new tab) carry some great pieces. Happy shopping and remember—do not settle when it comes to fit. I look forward to hearing how it goes!



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