Big Girl in a Skinny World: The Denim Challenge

Go behind the scenes of this week's Big Girl in a Skinny World episode with host Marcy Guevara.

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When it came time to plan the jeans episode of Big Girl in a Skinny World, there was only one person I could think of: Jessica Svoboda, whose name is synonymous with great denim the plus-size-world. She was my very first interview as a "plus-size style" journalist, and I remember showing up to her headquarters in Orange County, CA with my Flip Cam and a tripod. So having her in the Big Girl closet was thrilling, and a far cry from our initial meeting. Having given birth just a month ago, I was amazed at how lovely Jessica looked when she walked into the VIMBY studio — even after getting a ticket on the way over! We immediately got to gabbing and powered through with Red Bulls. (I love this woman).

Jessica knows a woman's body, and creates jeans for it. She is among the few pioneers in this curvy world who believe we are as important to fashion as anyone else, and champions the cause for us bigger girls to show in New York, Paris, Milan, and beyond.

I love having her name among Calvin Klein, James and the other denim brands we mention in the episode, and getting her tips for finding the perfect pair is as good as having her with you when shopping! No matter your budget or location, take Jessica's advice, and use it on your next jean-spree. You will be sure to find something that works fabulously!

Whatever your body-type, wash-preference, or wallet-size, I hope you'll enjoy these tips and tricks, and find your perfect fit.

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