We Can't Stop Watching "House of Style"

MTV put up the entire archive of its popular 90s fashion series "House of Style" and we're obsessed.

Many of you are probably too young to remember the MTV show House of Style which originally premiered in 1989 with supermodel host Cindy Crawford (followed later by Shalom, Amber, and Rebecca Romijn.) I, however, am not. This show, for lack of a better description, was EVERYTHING to me as a teen growing up in Indianapolis, Indiana. It offered a glimpse into the world of fashion and magazines that I dreamed of joining one day. Really the only access people on the outside had then—yes, we somehow survived and thrived pre-Internet and 40000 fashion blogs—was to read magazines or watch Elsa Klensch on CNN. Then along came HoS with its supermodels and designers and rock stars all in one place. It was heaven.

So the fact that MTV has put the entire archive of episodes up online, even breaking them down into segment clips, pretty much made my week—and made it very difficult to do my work today. I can't stop watching and reliving all the fabulousness of Cindy, Christy, Naomi, Gianni and more. Age notwithstanding, if you're obsessed with fashion, you must watch. We apologize in advance for sending you into a glamour blackhole that's hard to climb out of. It's amazing to see your favorite editors, designers, models, musicians and actors when they were all just kids! I mean, there's even a segment of back-to-school shopping with 9th grader Liv Tyler.

It's nearly impossible for me to pick my favorites but here are just a few.

Check out some familiar editorial faces:

The aforementioned shopping trip with a young Liv Tyler:

Supermodel perfection at a Versace AIDS Benefit in 1991:

Brow tips from the genius that was Kevyn Aucoin:

I could go on forever. Oh how I miss the early 90s!

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