For Even the Toughest Maternal Figures, These Are the 30 Pieces Sure to Please

I’m speaking from experience.

Humaa Hussain
(Image credit: Humaa Hussain)

Most Coveted is a new shopping series sharing our editors’ curation of the must-know items they can’t stop thinking about.

I always get into a rut when shopping for my mom. She’s one of those “I only want everyone to be healthy” type of creatures. Though I do love her lack of materialistic needs, it has made her a difficult person to shop for. But over the years, I’ve come across a few trinkets that go well with her taste and overall low-maintenance-but-elegant vibe. Never knock a good old jewelry box (where else will they keep their beloved antique pieces?), and if your loved one is anything like my mom, then nothing will make them happier than a new kitchen pan. So if you’re also struggling to find that tangible object that’ll convey how you feel, keep reading to see my top 30 picks.