15 Perfectly Pink Restaurants to Put on Your Must-Eat List

Do it for the food, then do it for the Insta.

Instagram; Design by American Artist

Restaurants are for dining, but pics or it didn't happen, right? (Kidding...kind of.) These bubblegum-hued food establishments not only serve delicious apps, food, drinks, etc. but you also get the bonus of having the prettiest backdrop for Instagram fodder. Win-win.

Sketch Tearoom (London, U.K.)

Lucky Bee (New York, NY)

Cha Cha Matcha (New York, NY)

June's All Day (Austin, TX)

Holy Matcha (San Diego, NY)

Treves & Hyde at The Leman Locke Hotel (London, U.K.)

Le Georges (Paris, France)

Nanan (Wroclaw, Poland)

Brasserie D and Sweetroom (Tokyo, Japan)

Pietro Nolita (New York, NY)

Sprmrkt Kitchen and Bar (River Valley, Singapore)

Café Diglas (Vienna, Austria)

Big Pink (Miami, FL)

Interno (Cartagena, Colombia)

Dulce Patria (Mexico City, Mexico)

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