What Has Birth Control Done For You Lately?

Celebrating the second annual Thanks, Birth Control Day.

whitney joiner
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whitney joiner

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Here's how birth control has improved my life:

-It's regulated my periods
-Kept me in control of my body
-Made it possible to create the career and lifestyle that I want
… and allowed me to safely enjoy a pretty fantastic sex life.

So I owe a lot to contraception. We all do. Ninety-nine percent of sexually-active women have used birth control at some point. Deciding when to have a baby is the single most important decision a woman can make.

But as we know all too well, some lawmakers want to take away our access to contraception. And while most of us rely on birth control—condoms, the pill, an IUD, the NuvaRing—it's not something we talk about openly. That's why the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy and Bedsider.org, the Campaign's birth control support network, are asking us to speak up about our reproductive choices.

The more we don't talk about contraception, the easier it is for lawmakers to make decisions about access for us. So today, on Thanks, Birth Control Day, we want to hear how contraception has helped you. Let us know: tweet @marieclaire and @bedsider with the hashtag #ThxBirthControl.

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