16 Bad Habits Real Women Want to Break This Year

To make room for new vices. Kidding!

Let's be frank for a second. We're all excited for the champagne and sparkles that is New Year's eve, but the day after, we're going to be left with a booze-induced headache, glitter in our hair, and thoughts on what the new year will bring. To make that hangover just a tad easier for you, we're working on coming up with our resolutions now so that when 2017 comes around, we'll be able to kick them into high gear.

So, aside from perennial favorite "get in shape," what are those resolutions? Here, read open and honest women-to-women admissions—you know, for inspiration.

"Everyone who knows me knows that "I'm sorry" basically falls out of my mouth. I constantly am apologizing for everything that happens around me. 'I'm sorry you walked into me on the subway! I'm sorry I need to ask my manager for guidance and might be disturbing her!' When in reality, there's nothing to be sorry about. So this year, I'm going to own my shit and stop apologizing for things I don't have to apologize for."

"The resolution I had last year that I'm trying to stick with this year is moderation. I find that some weeks I'll go to the gym every day and cook healthy meals, and others I'll not go at all and stuff my face with take out every night. I need to find a way to not live with such extremes. This also applies to my phone habits–it's getting unhealthy how often I rely on my cell phone! I'm going to try and unplug every once in a while."

This year, I'm going to own my shit and stop apologizing for things I don't have to apologize for.

Melissa, 26, Boston, MA:

"I want to be better at making a budget and sticking to it! I always start the year with a budget, but it somehow falls apart. I want to plan how I will use my income in the most efficient way, and then track my purchases along the way. There are so many online tools to easily help me keep track, so I want to choose one and use it. I think if I devote a little bit of time each weekend to checking in, I can make it happen."

Nicole, 24, Los Angeles, CA:

"I'm going to stop taking so much time to accomplish my goals. Sometimes I half-ass things, telling myself that 'I'm working up to it,' when I just need to go for it. I want to run more, so I am going to hop on the treadmill instead of 'building stamina' on the elliptical. I want to read more, so I'm going to actually crack open a book instead of just reading a magazine. I am going to try and be that person who takes initiative and makes things happen for herself, rather than wondering how other people do it."

Ryan, 26, Washington D.C.:

"I want to use my idle time more productively. Although it's so easy to zombie-out during the week, I have to remind myself that I'm happier when I'm hooked on a good book, up-to-speed on what's going on in the world, and in touch with people I love, instead of staying up until 2 a.m. half-watching a re-run or half-taking a personality quiz. That's not to say I won't make time for the occasional Netflix veg session, I just hope to make that the exception rather than the rule."

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Lauren, 27, Atlanta, GA:

"I'm breaking my habit of negative self talk. Moments before I walk in the door and turn on my charm, there is a little voice inside my head that whispers 'you can't do it' or 'you'd look better if you lost 10 pounds.' That negative inner voice that plants seeds of self-doubt is what I'd like to leave in the past. It demotivates me, keeps me from enjoying the subsequent event, and wrecks my confidence at critical moments. I plan to put a more positive spin on my inner negativity. Ideally, I'll be able to turn those seeds of doubt into motivation, and I'll take those moments to encourage myself rather than tear myself down."

India, 28, New York, NY:

"I resolve to consume less in every aspect, be it food, reality TV, fast fashion, etc. I've always been a gluttonous person that tends to overindulge in any and everything, and now feels like the perfect time to stop cold-turkey. No more spending $1000+ every month on convenient Seamless.com dinner/dessert deliveries; no more binge-watching countless hours of television because I'm 'bored;' and no more shopping sprees on High Street just because it seemed like a good buy at the time. I'd like to be much more purposeful with my time and money, and ultimately, my life."

Sheri, 29, Arlington, VA:

"My resolution for this year is to feel less guilty. With a full-time job, relationship, and personal goals, it's very easy to find yourself in a position where saying 'no' to an event or to a request, or even putting yourself first, can ignite a sense of guilt. This year, however, I will commit to the things that I have the capacity for and the desire to do, and confidently say no, otherwise."

I am going to try and be that person who takes initiative and makes things happen for herself, rather than wondering how other people do it.

Julie, 22, New York, NY:

"It's time to transition my wardrobe. As a recent college grad working in NYC's fashion industry, my outfits stand out in the office as a little...well, juvenile. I'm sick of walking in, feeling sloppy, and envying my coworkers for their seemingly effortless sense of style. This year, I'm giving myself time to weed out the stuff I never wear, invest in some staples, and take risks that were too intimidating at school. Coveted leopard print coat, I'm coming for you."

Jenna, 25, Cincinnati, OH:

"Cook more! As a single, young professional who's also still in school, I often resort to TV dinners or drive-throughs for my meals. It's convenient and delicious—but my bank account and waistline suffer! My goal is to set aside time once a week to plan and prep my meals for the week and to keep my refrigerator stocked with some healthy options. But...I'll still keep the pizza guy in my contact list in case of emergency."

Kelly, 24, Washington D.C.:

"Next year, my goal is to live a more balanced life. I tend to focus on one thing at a time—either work, or relationships, or being healthy—and then when I feel like I'm doing well at one, I discover I'm falling behind in the others. I'm going to structure my calendar so I can still give my all at work, but also exercise a few times a week, and consistently make time for friends. In the process, I hope to spend less time being hard on myself and more time just being happy!"

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Natalie, 25, Denver, CO:

"The habit I want to try to break this year is defaulting to being passive in social situations. I want to be more vocal about my needs and desires in my relationships instead of just going with the flow all the time because it's the easiest thing to do."

Hannah, 26, Charleston, SC:

"I want to establish a regular exercise regimen. In my glory days, I was a college athlete playing Division II soccer. After I graduated and hung up my cleats, I was eager to take a break from working out hours each day and relish just relaxing. Once I stopped playing soccer, I stopped working out and taking care of my body like I should. As a teacher, my job is extremely stressful and can be exhausting, to say the least. I work an average of 50-60 hours a week not including the work I do on the weekends, so I'm just too damn tired to go break a sweat. I know if I stop with the excuses and buck up, I will be a happier, healthier person while also becoming a better, more energetic teacher for my kiddies. Bring it on!"

Christen, 32, Sarasota, FL:

"I'm working on decluttering my life—starting with my home! I've always been a sentimental person, so I keep everything from movie ticket stubs to receipts from travel destinations. As you can imagine, it added up, and soon enough, I felt like I was suffocating under the weight of my own stuff! I've begun by tackling one room at a time (starting with the smallest first) and I can already feel the difference."

This year I will commit to the things that I have the capacity for and the desire to do, and confidently say no, otherwise.

Kathryn, 29, New York, NY:

"I want to break the 'tired' excuse that plagues me when it comes to seeing my friends on week nights. Friendships take work on both ends and I am vowing to go out for dinner or drinks at least once a week to maintain these relationships. Rather then rushing to get home and put on my PJs, I want to use that idle couch time to strengthen the bonds I have, instead. Additionally, I want to create a mood board, gathering imagery and quotes that inspire me in one beautiful space, and use it to work through some of my personal projects, outfit inspiration, and generate new ideas."

Rachel, 27, Fairhope, AL:

"I love to sleep, bottom line. But as I get older, time goes by faster, so sleeping in until 11 a.m. on Saturday and/or Sunday takes up so much precious time I could be doing something to better myself or spend it with the ones I love. I used to get so mad when I was little when my Dad would wake us up and say 'Do something productive.' But now I'm starting to see where he was coming from. Although I will always love to sleep in (who doesn't), my goal is to not do it as often and enjoy my mornings."

"I want to save more of my money! I know this is a tried-and-true one that everyone strives to do, but I've realized that the money I'm spending on clothes, drinks, and eating out is not as precious as the things I could be spending money on: Trips to new and exciting places, investing in my future, and creating more memories. I also plan on continuing to make strides in one of my newest loves: power lifting. Making improvements in this sport will not only provide me with a greater sense of accomplishment and confidence, but is also an amazing way to really shatter the glass ceiling."

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