Holidays & Vacations

I know this opinion will generate a lot of heat but come on!

Unless your training for 2012 or the Super Bowl - isn't a little time off a good thing?

I guess maybe it depends on where you're traveling. A sunny retreat to southern California is a perfect place to bring your running shoes and enjoy the beach in Santa Monica.

But when you're home for the holidays and there's five feet of snow on the ground-is it absolutely necessary to tread to the local Y and get your workout in? Or spend time with the family you traveled so far to be with?

Right now I'm stuck in an ariport and would love to do anything else. Why can't ALL airports offer gym facilities as well as free Wi-Fi? Not that everyone would have their shoes and workout gear in their un-checked baggage but some would.

At this poiint I'd run on a treadmill in my 4 inch boots if I had the chance - as I watch the lady across from me chow down an entire California Pizza Kitchen pie at 9:00 AM in the morning!

I used to keep or bank my days off for sick days or busy days but looking back were those two days I just had to train during the holidays really worth it?

I don't know....................

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