Ooooooh Yea! Rockin' It Underwater with Cheap Trick

Marie Claire talks about the new underwater iPod.

SWIMMAN, Inc., the originator of waterproof audio players and waterproof headphones, has created the first waterproofed 2nd Generation iPod Shuffle from the inside out. "In the second generation Shuffle we saw an almost perfect product", says Dr. Martin Silverman, inventor and owner of SWIMMAN, Inc. "The only thing lacking was that you couldn't take it into the water. All it needed was some of our innovation and enhancement. Now we believe it's flawless. It's a SwimPod." Applying their proprietary internal waterproofing technology, SWIMMAN has made the iPod Shuffle 100 percent waterproof without a bulky case that would detract from the Shuffle's sleek anodized aluminum body.

The true pioneer of personal waterproof audio players and headphones, SWIMMAN introduced the world's first waterproof audio cassette player and headset, followed by the world's first waterproof digital audio (MP3) player. Best known to a core of dedicated water-sports enthusiasts and master-level swimmers, SWIMMAN has been making H20-friendly music possible for more than 10 years.

You can to buy the waterproofed Shuffle on its own ($150), or bundled with SWIMMAN's acclaimed Waterproof Headset II ($100). SWIMMAN's Headset sound quality is comparable to other top brand-name sound isolating headphones (Etymotics, Shure, Bose) that are priced higher than SWIMMAN's, but unlike SWIMMAN, are not water-friendly. SWIMMAN's high-fidelity headset is 100% waterproof, featuring sound-isolating design. The shuffle/headset duo is priced at $250.

In order to uphold the warranty the following precautions must be taken:

STEP #1: Keep the Headset connected to the iPod until you are out of the water.

STEP #2: Disconnect the Headset from iPod. This will electronically turn off the iPod in about 90 seconds.

STEP #3: After each use, carefully rinse off the entire iPod, Headset, Wires, Plug, Jack, and Earbuds with FRESH, CLEAN water. Flick or shake out any water that may be in the iPod headset jack or water within the black Tubes and Earbud openings. Dry the iPod and Headset thoroughly, and hang Headset over a railing, towel bar or chair to drain and dry. Allow the iPod jack to drain with the jack opening facing down on a towel.

STEP #4: Store in a dry place with the headset disconnected. Do NOT store in a baggie or other material that does not breathe, as this will not allow residual moisture to escape!

Performing these important steps after each and every use will prolong the life of your SWIMMAN Waterproofed iPod and SWIMMAN Waterproof Headset! Chlorine and salt water are very corrosive and eventually weaken all materials. Good, regular care helps retard such damage.

* Failure to perform the above care steps with each use may void the warranty.


If your iPod Shuffle (1GB or 2GB) is new or in near-new condition, SWIMMAN, Inc. will waterproof it for you with our patented waterproofing technology. The iPod Shuffle (1GB or 2GB) is the only iPod we are waterproofing at this time. This is 100% waterproofing from the inside—this is not a case or casing. Your iPod will look exactly the same. Simply send your fully functional iPod Shuffle (1GB or 2GB) along with proof of date of purchase and they will waterproof it for you with SWIMMAN's patented waterproofing technology. We will offer our standard one-year limited warranty (same as Apple, Inc.'s) from your date of original purchase from Apple, Inc. or one of their certified Apple Retailers. If you are unable to provide proof of date of purchase, we will warrant your iPod Shuffle (1GB or 2GB) Waterproofed by SWIMMAN for a period of ninety (90) days from the date you receive your waterproofed iPod. We will not be able to assume the warranty on any of Apple's accessories—dock or non-waterproof earphones. You would need to contact Apple for any issues with those items.
The cost of SWIMMAN's Waterproofing of the iPod Shuffle (1GB or 2GB) is $100, plus $15 shipping/handling (USA only).

Upon receipt of your iPod Shuffle (1GB or 2GB), we will fully test it to make certain it is in new or near-new condition and fully functional. Should we discover your iPod Shuffle (1GB or 2GB) is not fully functional, they will immediately return it to you as is and not waterproofed.

Since this Waterproofing Service is not yet automated on their website shopping cart, simply email Swimman at when you will be sending your pre-owned iPod Shuffle (1GB or 2GB) to them. Send it to:

850 Calle Plano, Suite C
Camarillo, CA 93012

FAX: (805) 389-3028

Due to the waterproofing process, the on/off button and the shuffle button will be stationary. The functions of these two buttons are controlled either by iTunes on your computer (shuffle feature), by simply disconnecting your waterproof headset (Off), or pushing the center button of the wheel for On. The forward, reverse, volume increase and volume decrease, as well as the On center button will be slightly stiffer than your non-waterproofed iPod, but still fully functional—and completely waterproof! Guaranteed.

ANd don't forget the SWIMMAN Waterproof Headset. Our stereo, sound isolating SWIMMAN Waterproof Headset, which can be purchased separately for current iPod users, is still priced at our usual $100.00, plus $10 shipping/handling.

With SWIMMAN's Waterproofing Service on your existing iPod Shuffle (1GB or 2GB), you will be able to take your iPod anywhere, anytime—rain or shine--and never worry about damaging your iPod. Swim, surf, snorkel, sail, kayak, windsurf, parasail, water ski, snow ski, jog—whatever you like with your new ultimate iPod Shuffle (1GB or 2GB) Waterproofed by SWIMMAN, Inc.

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