26 Days

January 26th. 26 days since your New Year's resolution. So, how's it going?  THey say if you make it past Valentine's Day you're good to go. What keeps you going thru the next few months?


Professional bodybuilders, personal trainers, fitness gurus and even the bodybuilding magazines are unanimous in their recommendation to keep a work out journal. They all espouse planning your work out in advance, writing or printing it out to take to the gym, writing down your results, and then keeping the results for future reference. The main benefits include:

Some tips on what to keep track of:

How about a FOOD DIARY?


By keeping a picture of yourself at your heaviest, you are reminding yourself that you do not want to look like that anymore. So, the next time you feel like grabbing that next biscuit, you can take out the picture and then think again. Keep it with you if you need to and it should help to keep you focused and motivated. However, it will not help everybody as some people may get depressed at the sight of an old picture and that can cause them to eat unhealthy foods. So, try it and if it doesn't work for you rip it up.


I don't know how I feel about this one but it does work for some women. Hanging up a piece of clothing that you want to fit into is also a good idea for some people but again, it will not work for everybody. Generally, whatever makes you want to lose weight, stick to that and you will keep your motivation with you.


Try writing down what losing the weight would mean to you. For example, would it make you happier? How would it improve your life? Would you feel healthier maybe? By writing down what losing weight means to you, you will remind yourself just how important it is and whenever you have a bad day you can look at it and give yourself the motivation that you need to carry on. People who lose weight do tend to say that they feel a lot more energetic and more confident too.


And don't forget, Summer is right around the corner. I always loved training thru the winter all covered up. When Spring came it was such a great feeling to finally see the fruits of your labor firm and ripe!