5 Easy Ways to Switch to (Healthier!) Greek Yogurt

Think it's too tart? Some say it actually tastes better!

(Image credit: Danone)

When my roommate suggested replacing Dannon Light & Fit Vanilla – a staple sweet snack in my fridge – with plain Greek yogurt, I was skeptical. From what I'd heard about the foreign food, it was way too tart for my taste, especially without any added flavor. But since I didn't know the difference between Greek and American-style, I wanted to do a bit of research before dismissing the idea.

Most low- and nonfat yogurts are high in calcium, low in calories, and good for digestion, but apparently the Greeks take their diets a step further. Both types are made by fermenting milk with live bacteria cultures, but Greek-style is strained to remove the liquid whey, which means a thicker consistency with more protein per serving. Another difference? Subtract the American version's extra sugar and carbs as lactose is filtered out with the whey.

After my mini investigation, I decided to attempt adding Greek yogurt to my diet. It's tough to opt for the plain version (love that vanilla), but the thought of no artificial sweeteners makes me happy. I'm still adjusting to the texture and tang, but when mixed with the right foods, it tastes just as good (if not better). Here are five easy ways to use this healthy ingredient: