The Best Pilates Mats for Crushing 2022 With

Get a jump-start on those New Year's resolutions.

pilates mat
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You said you would start working out  (opens in new tab)regularly in 2022. But with so many gyms and studios shuttered due to COVID-19 restrictions, it can be hard to get motivated. Enter: Pilates mats. (And no, you can't just use the yoga mat (opens in new tab) that you have lying around from last year.) Pilates mats differ from yoga mats because they're thicker—usually by about half an inch—and are more dense. Because Pilates utilizes a lot more floor work than yoga, its mats are designed to provide more support as you move through the workout. Yoga, on the other hand, requires a thinner mat to provide better balance during standing poses. So, yes, you need a Pilates-specific mat—and to help you out, we've listed our favorites.

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