The Wellness Issue

Looking at women's health through a new lens.

Mindy Kaling August 2022 Wellness Issue

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This isn't your typical wellness issue. There are no fitness routines or recipes for losing weight. No, this issue is about being well in the well-rounded sense. About destigmatizing mental health in our culture, through pop culture. About breaking the patriarchal medicine mold. About considering the emotional and psychological impacts of something that seems very physical. We explore the body-brand paradox and identify what to download to actually feel better. This is a celebration of a new wave of wellness and we're so glad the tides are changing.

August 2022 Wellness Landing Page

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Through her rise to fame on The Office to creating some of streaming’s biggest hits, the actress, writer, and producer has transformed Hollywood. But her most fulfilling project yet is happening behind the scenes—as a mother, mentor, and mogul. 

August 2022 Wellness Landing Page

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For women whose livelihood is yoked to their physical self, the concept of wellness is highly complicated.

August 2022 Wellness Issue Landing Page

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Removal of the uterus can have consequences that go far beyond the physical. 

August 2022 Wellness Landing Page

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The founders of these startups were unwilling to wait for the massive ship that is the American healthcare system to course correct for women.

Joy of Working Out

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This summer, spread the love of exercising.

August 2022 Wellness Landing Page

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Say goodbye to diet culture myths, expensive fads, and pseudo-science—and hello to frank, funny conversations about healthy minds and bodies.

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