Home Decor Ideas for Women Who Just Bought Their Own Place

#TFW nobody can judge your choice in bath towels.

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Remember the Friends episode when Monica and Chandler decided to live together, and then Monica realized she would...actually have to put his stuff in her apartment? Sure, a relationship is nice, but a home filled with your stuff and your stuff only? A dream that's becoming a reality for an increasing number of women.

When Marie Claire and House Beautiful teamed up to discover women's home-buying habits, research proved that marriage or partnership isn't a prerequisite for women to invest in their own space. In fact, single women made up 17 percent of home buyers in 2019, according to the National Association of Realtors—purchasing their first house at an average cost of $166,370 compared to $180,570 for men. Yes, this means women are bucking years of societal standards that have convinced us we need to have a partner to buy our own place, and it means we're refusing to compromise our #aesthetic for anybody else, which is arguably the best feeling of all.

For the new home buyers out there who just signed those closing papers, let the fun begin. Get inspired by our top home decor picks, below, which includes necessities for the kitchen, bedroom, living room, and bathroom (okay, and some non-essentials...shower wine glass holders do exist). They may not exactly match your taste, but consider this list a starting point for the items you've somehow convinced yourself you could go without over the years.

Tip: Instead of wasting precious space on a nightstand, invest in a gorgeous floor lamp that will take care of that awkward empty corner of your room.

Tip: Your plates and dishes don't have to match perfectly. Start with a fun set of plates, and keep the silverware, cups, and dishes minimal. Also, a fresh cup of coffee in a boob mug will cure any bad mood.

Tip: The living room sets the tone for the house. Have fun showcasing your gorgeous coffee table books and light up that delicious-smelling Voluspa candle.

Tip: The great towel debate lives on, but regardless, a woman's bathroom should feel like her personal sanctuary. You don't have to have your entire makeup collection organized, but you should at least have a place to store it, like this Gucci cosmetics case.

Tip: An accent chair can easily complete a living room, and a silk pillowcase can give you your best hair yet. Choose wisely.

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