15 Apps to Play With Friends That Aren't Lame

They're fun, and they'll keep you busy during quarantine—trust.

apps to play with friends in quarantine
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If we're being honest, I'm not a huge app person—I download the essentials, of course (hi, Instagram and Chase app), but downloading apps to play with friends has never been a thing for me. (I prefer endlessly scrolling through Instagram to pass the time.) These days, however, we're all doing what we can to keep busy, which means I've had some extra time to dig through all of the ~ app possibilities ~ that allow us to connect with friends...and have a lil' fun while doing so. Here, a roundup of mostly-free, fun apps to play with friends while in quarantine.

Words With Friends

By now, you've probably heard of Words With Friends, which is basically a variation of Scrabble for your phone. Invite your friends to play, and you'll get alerts when it's your turn to create a word. Play with people you know, or use the free app's random opponent matchmaking tool.


Psych! Outwit Your Friends

Psych!, from the creators of "Heads Up!," allows users to choose from categories where friends make up fake answers to real trivia questions for free. Each player gets points for guessing correct answers, and for every player they psych into choosing their fake answer.


Draw Something Classic

Draw pictures for yourself and friends on the free Draw Something Classic app—after all, doodling is a healthy outlet to relieve stress. For those of us who definitely don't consider ourselves artists, friends can guess what we're drawing directly on the app.


Truth or Dare?

Whoever said Truth or Dare is strictly for teens clearly peaked in high school. Have a little fun and pick from the "easy, medium, or extreme" levels in this classic game. The free app is best played with a shot (or three) of tequila.



While you won't necessarily be playing anything on Co-Star, the free astrology app is a great way to connect with close friends and evaluate friendship compatibility based on your respective sun, moon, and rising signs. When you want to focus on yourself, the app provides detailed daily horoscopes and mantras that will give you clarity on what's to come—or, on some days, just roast you.


Pac-Man Party Royale

Pac-Man's Party Royale app allows users to challenge their friends to a game of Pac-Man and relive those days spent in the arcade. There's a 4 Players Battle Mode, and the last Pac-Man standing wins. The app is available through Apple Arcade's new $4.99 monthly subscription service.


Songpop 2

For all of the music lovers out there, download the free Songpop 2 and see who can guess the song faster. Songs from artists like Taylor Swift, Drake, Selena Gomez, and Queen are all available on the app.


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Instead of whipping out the dusty board game from the basement, challenge your family and friends to a game of Monopoly in a 3-D animation on your phone. The app costs $3.99.


NBA 2K21

You can play in the NBA in the new year thanks to the face scanning option on this year's companion app. There are also tons of opportunities for you to win virtual currency that you can use in the accompanying console versions of the game.


New York Times Crossword

While The New York Times crossword doesn't exactly scream "apps to play with friends!" users can make their own game out of the free crossword app by creating some friendly competition and seeing who can complete the daily crossword faster. The app has the same puzzles that are printed every day in the paper.


Among Us!

The premise of this game is simple: one of your friends is a murderous imposter, and the rest of you have to figure out who it is before the end of the game—or before they kill you first. Among Us! is so popular that even Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez joined in the fun to get young voters motivated before the Presidential Election in November.


Mario Kart Tour

Fans of the classic video game will love this iPhone and iPad-friendly version. The only catch? You have to create a Nintendo account and play a few games on your own first before you can play with your friends.



Your favorite childhood card game is now available on your phone. You can still play the classic version with your friends over wifi, or play other special versions (they have a very cute Christmas option), too. Better yet, it's free to download.


Game of Life

You might not have your actual life together this holiday season, but you can still pretend you do while playing this game with your friends. It's $2.99 to download, and has a new 3D replica of the classic playing board.


Heads Up

Everyone loves this game, whether they like to admit it or not. You can play on either your iPad or iPhone and there are over 75 different categories to choose from, including Harry Potter, Marvel, and Friends.


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