The Bachelor Freak Show

Did anyone catch The Bachelor this week? It's turning into more of a bizarre-o beauty pageant than ever, with all the women trying to impress the dude by displaying their "talents." One gal, while having a quiet moment with the bachelor on the sofa, suddenly announced that she'd composed a song for him, then proceeded to belt it out, right in his face. Another idiot did the same thing soon after: There she is, having a nice little chat with the guy on the porch, when, bam! She says she's an opera singer and starts screaming out a song like a banshee. To his credit, he dumped them both. But he KEPT the weirdo who displayed her double-jointed skills, twisting her arms around like a circus freak and proudly popping her knuckles. Ugh. Dude! Give her the boot next.

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